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<Papers from the bonobo workshop 2003> <Note> Resumption of bonobo studies at Wamba, the Luo Reserve for Scientific Research
  Furuichi, Takeshi, Mwanza, Ndunda (2003-12)
  Pan Africa News, 10(2): 31-32
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<Papers from the bonobo workshop 2003> <Note> Introduction: Toward the resumption of bonobo study and conservation
  Furuichi, Takeshi (2003-12)
  Pan Africa News, 10(2): 20-21
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<Note> Possible Intergroup Killing in Chimpanzees in the Kalinzu Forest, Uganda
  Hashimoto, Chie, Furuichi, Takeshi (2005-06)
  Pan Africa News, 12(1): 3-5
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<News> The Process of Creation of a New Protected Area in the Democratic Republic of Congo: The Case of the Iyondji Community Bonobo Reserve
  Dupain, Jef, Fowler, Andrew, Kasalevo, Phila, Sakamaki, Tetsuya, Lingomo, Bongoli, Way, Theo, Williams, David, Furuichi, Takeshi, Facheux, Charly (2013-06)
  Pan Africa News, 20(1): 10-13
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<Note> An Infant Bonobo Mimicked a Handicapped Motor Action of a Disabled Individual at Wamba in the Luo Scientific Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo
  Toda, Kazuya, Ryu, Heungjin, Hayashi, Misato, Furuichi, Takeshi (2016-06)
  Pan Africa News, 23(1): 3-5
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<Article> Ground Beds of Chimpanzees in the Kalinzu Forest, Uganda
  Furuichi, Takeshi, Hashimoto, Chie (2000-12)
  Pan Africa News, 7(2): 26-28
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<Note> Possible Case of Predation on a Chimpanzee by a Leopard in the Petit Loango Reserve, Gabon
  Furuichi, Takeshi (2000-12)
  Pan Africa News, 7(2): 21-23
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<Note> Snare Removal for Conservation of Chimpanzees in the Kalinzu Forest Reserve, Uganda
  Hashimoto, Chie, Cox, Debby, Furuichi, Takeshi (2007-06)
  Pan Africa News, 14(1): 8-11
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<Note> Root Eating by Wild Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) in the Kalinzu Forest, Uganda: Possible Medicinal Plant Use
  Aruga, Natsumi, Matsuo, Hodaka, Furuichi, Takeshi, Hashimoto, Chie (2015-06)
  Pan Africa News, 22(1): 7-10
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<Note> Association of a Young Emigrant Female Bonobo during an Encounter with her Natal Group
  Toda, Kazuya, Sakamaki, Tetsuya, Tokuyama, Nahoko, Furuichi, Takeshi (2015-06)
  Pan Africa News, 22(1): 10-12
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