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  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2018-06)
  Pan Africa News, 25(1): 14-14
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Nkungwe as Majestic as in the Pioneering Days
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2011-09)
  Pan Africa News, 18(special issue): 9-10
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A Rival Yesterday is a Friend Today - A Grand Political Drama in the Forest-
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (1995-10)
  Pan Africa News, 2(2): 10-11
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<Obituary> Professor Toshisada Nishida : Chief Editor of Pan Africa News
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2011-06)
  Pan Africa News, 18(1): 1-3
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<News> The 1st MWCS Scholarship Student Awarded Diploma
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2013-12)
  Pan Africa News, 20(2): 24-24
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<Note> Responses of Wild Chimpanzees to Fresh Carcasses of Aardvark (Orycteropus afer) in Mahale
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko, Inoue, Eiji, Fujimoto, Mariko (2014-12)
  Pan Africa News, 21(2): 19-22
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<Note> How was the Mahale 50 Exhibition and Symposium Assessed by the General Participants? A Questionnaire Survey
  Inoue, Sana, Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2016-06)
  Pan Africa News, 23(1): 5-7
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<News>Mahale 50 Kyoto, Tokyo & Kigoma
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2015-12)
  Pan Africa News, 22(2): 14-14
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<News> Mahale Research 50th Anniversary
  Hosaka, Kazuhiko (2015-06)
  Pan Africa News, 22(1): 2-3
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<News> Mahale 50 Book Coming Soon
  Nakamura, Michio, Hosaka, Kazuhiko, Itoh, Noriko, Zamma, Koichiro (2015-06)
  Pan Africa News, 22(1): 3-3
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