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Retention of Configuration in the Ritter-type Substitution Reaction of Chiral β-Arylthio Alcohols through the Anchimeric Assistance of the Arylthio Group
  Toshimitsu, Akiko, Hirosawa, Chitaru, Tamao, Kohei (1995-03)
  ICR annual report, 1: 34-35
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Oligosiloles: First Synthesis Based on a Novel Endo-Endo Mode Intramolecular Reductive Cyclization of Diethynylsilanes (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Synthetic Design)
  Tamao, Kohei, Yamaguchi, Shigehiro (1995-03)
  ICR annual report, 1: 35-35
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Preparation, Structure, and Reactivity of Functionalized Organosilicon Compounds (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY - Synthetic Design)
  Tamao, Kohei, Kawachi, Atsushi (1996-03)
  ICR annual report, 2: 34-35
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Stereoselective Formation of Cyclopropylsilane through Intramolecular Rearrangement of [(Allyloxy)dimesitylsilyl]lithiums (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-Synthetic Design)
  Kawachi, Atsushi, Maeda, Hirofumi, Tamao, Kohei (2001-03)
  ICR annual report, 7: 34-35
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Toward Silicon-Catenated Silole Polymers, Poly(1,1-silole)s: Syntheses and Structures of Oligo(1,1-silole)s (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-Synthetic Design)
  Yamaguchi, Shigehiro, Jin, Ren-Zhi, Tamao, Kohei (1998-03)
  ICR annual report, 4: 34-35
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Recent Developments in the Main Group Element Chemistry (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-Synthetic Design)
  Tamao, Kohei, Toshimitsu, Akio, Yamaguchi, Shigehiro (1997-03)
  ICR annual report, 3: 34-35
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Synthesis, Structure and Reaction of {Tris[2-(dimethylamino)phenyl]germyl}lithium (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-Synthetic Design)
  Kawachi, Atsushi, Tanaka, Yoko, Tamao, Kohei (1999-03)
  ICR annual report, 5: 34-35
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Reaction of Hypercoordinate Dichlorosilanes Bearing 8-(Dimethylamino)-1-naphthyl Group(s) with Magnesium: Formation of the 1,2-Disilaacenaphthene Skeleton (SYNTHETIC ORGANIC CHEMISTRY-Synthetic Design)
  Tamao, Kohei, Asahara, Masahiro, Saeki, Tomoyuki, Toshimitsu, Akio (2000-03)
  ICR annual report, 6: 34-35
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