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Ethnobotany of the Lega in the Tropical Rain Forest of Eastern Zaire: Part One, Zone de Mwenga
  TERASHIMA, Hideaki, MALASI, Ngandu M. (1991-03)
  African study monographs. Supplementary issue, 15: 1-61
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New Late Tertiary Fish Fossils from the Sinda Region, Eastern Zaire
  VAN NEER, Wim (1992-07)
  African study monographs. Supplementary issue, 17: 27-47
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Ethnobotany of the Lega in the Tropical Rain Forest of Eastern Zaire: Part Two, Zone de Walikale
  TERASHIMA, Hideaki, KALALA, Seya, MALASI, Ngandu (1992-11)
  African study monographs. Supplementary issue, 19: 1-60
Snakes of Zaire and Their Bites
  CHIFUNDERA, Kusamba (1990-02)
  African Study Monographs, 10(3): 137-157
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Relationship between Anophelism of Fish Ponds and Malaria Transmission at Lwiro-Katana, Eastern Zaire
  BASABOSE, Kanyunyi (1995-10)
  African Study Monographs, 16(3): 149-158
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The President Exploitation of Agricultural Sector and the Integral Development Process in Zaire
  KAMWANYA, Kalala (1993-10)
  African Study Monographs, 14(3): 135-153
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Taxonomy of Some Fungi Used by the Songola People (Zaire)
  COURTECUISSE, Regis (1995-06)
  African Study Monographs, 16(1): 45-60
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Actual Situation of Agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Case of Zaire
  KALALA, Kamwanya (1989-05)
  African Study Monographs, 10(1): 1-38
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Plantes Sauvages Alimentaires chez les Kumu de Masako a Kisangani (Zaire)
  NYAKABWA, Mutabana, BOLA, Mbele, VASOLENE, Kasereka (1990-11)
  African Study Monographs, 11(2): 75-86
Plantes Medicinales Cultivees dans la Zone de Kabondo, a Kisangani (Zaire)
  NYAKABWA, Mutabana, DIBALUKA, Mpulusu (1990-11)
  African Study Monographs, 11(2): 87-99