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Plant Utilization of the Mbuti Pygmies: With Special Reference to Their Material Culture and Use of Wild Vegetable Foods
  TANNO, Tadashi (1981)
  African Study Monographs, 1: 1-53
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Infanticide and Cannibalism in Chimpanzees: With Special Reference to the Newly Observed Case in the Mahale Mountains
  KAWANAKA, Kenji (1981)
  African Study Monographs, 1: 69-99
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Ecological and Sociological Importance of Honey to the Mbuti Net Hunters, Easter Zaire
  ICHIKAWA, Mitsuo (1981)
  African Study Monographs, 1: 55-68
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Kitongwe Name of Plants: A Preliminary Listing
  NISHIDA, Toshisada, UEHARA, Shigeo (1981)
  African Study Monographs, 1: 109-131
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The Hadza and the Iraqw in northern Tanzania: Dermatographical, Anthropological, Odontometrical and Osteological Approaches
  IKEDA, Jiro, HAYAMA, Sugio (1982-03)
  African Study Monographs, 2: 1-26
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Subsistence Ecology of the Pastoral Gabra: A Preliminary Report
  IMAI, Ichiro (1982-03)
  African Study Monographs, 2: 27-52
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Book Review: Institute for the Study of Languages and Cultural of Asia and Africa, Tokyo University for Foreign Studies (ed.), 1980, "Ahurika Shakai no Keisei to Yenkai(Urban-Rural Relations in Africa)." 456 pp. Dohosha, Kyoto
  YONEYAMA, Toshinao (1981)
  African Study Monographs, 1: 133-136
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Sociological Conparison between Two Wild Groups of Anubis-Hamadryas Hybird Baboons
  SUGAWARA, Kazuyoshi (1982-03)
  African Study Monographs, 2: 73-131
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Livestock Individual Identification among the Turkana: The Animal Classification and Naming in the Pastoral Livestock Management
  OHTA, Itaru (1987-07)
  African Study Monographs, 8(1): 1-69
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Collaboration and the British Conquest of Bida in 1798: The Role and Achievement of the Indigenous Interest Groups
  IDREES, Aliyu A. (1989-08)
  African Study Monographs, 10(2): 69-82
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