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Traditionalism, democracy and Political Participation: The Case of Western Province, Zambia
  SUMBWA, Nyambe (2000-07)
  African Study Monographs, 21(3): 105-146
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Important Habitat for Chimpanzees in Mali
  DUVALL, Chris S. (2000-12)
  African Study Monographs, 21(4): 173-203
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Voluptuous Vacuous Vamps: Stereotyped Representation of Women in Kiswahili Press
  SWILLA, Imani N. (2000-12)
  African Study Monographs, 21(4): 159-171
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Battered Women: A Socio-legal Perspective of Their Experiences in Nairobi
  ONDICHO, Tom G. (2000-01)
  African Study Monographs, 21(1): 35-44
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Native African Arts and Cultures in the New World; A Case Study of African Retentions in the United States of America
  IZEVBIGIE, Omokaro A. (2000-04)
  African Study Monographs, 21(2): 45-54
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Factors Influencing Education and Age at First Marriage in an Arid Region: The Case of the Borana of Marsabit district, Kenya
  NYAMONGO, Isaac K. (2000-04)
  African Study Monographs, 21(2): 55-65
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Nutritional Status, Activity Pattern, and Dietary Intake among the Baka Hunter-gatherers in the Village Camps in Cameroon
  YAMAUCHI, Taro, SATO, Hiroaki, KAWAMURA, Kyohei (2000-04)
  African Study Monographs, 21(2): 67-82
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Natural Disaster Preparedness, Environmental Degradation and Sustainable Development in Kenya
  SUDA, Collette A. (2000-07)
  African Study Monographs, 21(3): 91-103
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Preliminary Study of Feeding Competition Between Baboons and Chimpanzees in the Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania
  MATSUMOTO-ODA, Akiko, KASAGULA, Moshi B. (2000-12)
  African Study Monographs, 21(4): 147-157
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Social Structure, Nest Guarding and Interspecific Relationships of the Cichild Fish (Julidochromis marlieri) in Lake Tanganyika
  SUNOBE, Tomoki (2000-04)
  African Study Monographs, 21(2): 83-89
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