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Coexistence of sexual individuals and genetically isolated asexual counterparts in a thrips
  Kobayashi, Kazuya, Yoshimura, Jin, Hasegawa, Eisuke (2013-11-21)
  Scientific reports, 3
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Predator experience changes spider mites’ habitat choice even without current threat
  Murase, Aoi, Fujita, Kazuo (2018-05-30)
  Scientific Reports, 8
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Viral infections in fire ants lead to reduced foraging activity and dietary changes
  Hsu, Hung-Wei, Chiu, Ming-Chung, Shoemaker, DeWayne, Yang, Chin-Cheng Scotty (2018-09-10)
  Scientific Reports, 8
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Radiocarbon analysis reveals expanded diet breadth associates with the invasion of a predatory ant
  Suehiro, Wataru, Hyodo, Fujio, Tanaka, Hiroshi O., Himuro, Chihiro, Yokoi, Tomoyuki, Dobata, Shigeto, Guénard, Benoit, Dunn, Robert R., Vargo, Edward L., Tsuji, Kazuki, Matsuura, Kenji (2017-11-03)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Vines avoid coiling around neighbouring plants infested by polyphagous mites
  Nakai, Tomoya, Yano, Shuichi (2019-04-29)
  Scientific Reports, 9
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