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Effects of the physical characteristics of seeds on gastrointestinal passage time in captive Japanese macaques
  Tsuji, Y., Morimoto, M., Matsubayashi, K. (2009-10-27)
  Journal of Zoology, 280(2): 171-176
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Estimation of seed dispersal distance by the bonobo, Pan paniscus, in a tropical forest in Democratic Republic of Congo
  Tsuji, Yamato, Yangozene, Kumugo, Sakamaki, Tetsuya (2009-12)
  Journal of Tropical Ecology, 26(01): 115
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Effects of food type and number of feeding sites in a tree on aggression during feeding in wild Macaca fuscata
  Hanya, Goro (2009-08)
  International Journal of Primatology, 30(4): 569-581
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Program and Abstract of International Symposium: "Evolution of the Tertiary Primates in Asia
  Asian paleoprimatology, 3: 1-72
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Stratigraphic positions of the Eocene vertebrate localities in the Paukkaung area (Pondaung Formation, central Myanmar)
  Suzuki, Hisashi, Maung, Maung, Win, Zaw, Tsubamoto, Takehisa, Zin Maung Maung Thein, Egi, Naoko, Takai, Masanaru, Shigehara, Nobuo (2006)
  Asian paleoprimatology, 4: 67-74
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Neogene mammalian fauna in Myanmar
  Takai, Masanaru, Saegusa, Haruo, Thaung-Htike, Zin-Maung-Maung-Thein (2006)
  Asian paleoprimatology, 4: 143-172
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Postcranial materials of Pondaung mammals (middle Eocene, Myanmar)
  Egi, Naoko, Tsubamoto, Takehisa, Nishimura, Takeshi, Shigehara, Nobuo (2006)
  Asian paleoprimatology, 4: 111-136
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Lithostratigraphy of the Pondaung Formation (Eocene) between Tabyin and Kyauktakha to the west of Pauk, central Myanmar
  Suzuki, Hisashi, Maung, Maung, Naing Soe, Aung, Shigehara, Nobuo (2006)
  Asian paleoprimatology, 4: 75-97
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Notes on fish, reptilian, and several fragmentary mammalian dental fossils from the Pondaung Formation
  Tsubamoto, Takehisa, Egi, Naoko, Takai, Masanaru (2006)
  Asian paleoprimatology, 4: 98-110
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Discovery of chalicothere and Dorcabune from the upper part (lower Pleistocene) of the Irrawaddy Formation, Myanmar
  Tsubamoto, Takehisa, Zin-Maung-Maung-Thein, Thaung-Htike, Egi, Naoko, Chit-Sein,, Maung-Maung,, Takai, Masanaru (2006)
  Asian paleoprimatology, 4: 137-142
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