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Pacman in the sky with shadows: the effect of cast shadows on the perceptual completion of occluded figures by chimpanzees and humans
  Tomonaga, Masaki, Imura, Tomoko (2010-07)
  Behavioral and brain functions : BBF, 6
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Comparative Functional Morphology in Primates: An Introduction to the Special Issue
  Hamada, Yuzuru, Hirasaki, Eishi, Rae, Todd C. (2010-04)
  International Journal of Primatology, 31(2): 157-158
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Face scanning in chimpanzees and humans: continuity and discontinuity
  Kano, Fumihiro, Tomonaga, Masaki (2010-01)
  Animal Behaviour, 79(1): 227-235
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Amygdala activity in response to forward versus backward dynamic facial expressions
  Sato, Wataru, Kochiyama, Takanori, Yoshikawa, Sakiko (2010-02-22)
  Brain research, 1315(C): 92-99
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Human young children as well as adults demonstrate 'superior' rapid snake detection when typical striking posture is displayed by the snake
  Masataka, Nobuo, Hayakawa, Sachiko, Kawai, Nobuyuki (2010-11)
  PloS one, 5(11)
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Visual search for human gaze direction by a Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes)
  Tomonaga, Masaki, Imura, Tomoko (2010-02)
  PloS one, 5(2)
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Fruit fall in tropical and temperate forests: implications for frugivore diversity
  Hanya, Goro, Aiba, Shin-ichiro (2010-11)
  Ecological Research, 25(6): 1081-1090
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Amygdala integrates emotional expression and gaze direction in response to dynamic facial expressions
  Sato, Wataru, Kochiyama, Takanori, Uono, Shota, Yoshikawa, Sakiko (2010-05-01)
  NeuroImage, 50(4): 1658-1665
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Impairment of unconscious, but not conscious, gaze-triggered attention orienting in Asperger's disorder
  Sato, Wataru, Uono, Shota, Okada, Takashi, Toichi, Motomi (2010-10)
  Research in Autism Spectrum Disorders, 4(4): 782-786
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Coprophagy in wild bonobos (Pan paniscus) at Wamba in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: a possibly adaptive strategy?
  Sakamaki, Tetsuya (2010-01)
  Primates, 51(1): 87-90
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