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Goal attribution to inanimate moving objects by Japanese macaques (Macaca fuscata)
  Atsumi, Takeshi, Koda, Hiroki, Masataka, Nobuo (2017-01-05)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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The source-filter theory of whistle-like calls in marmosets: Acoustic analysis and simulation of helium-modulated voices
  Koda, Hiroki, Tokuda, Isao T, Wakita, Masumi, Ito, Tsuyoshi, Nishimura, Takeshi (2015-06)
  The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 137(6): 3068-3076
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Immature male gibbons produce female-specific songs
  Koda, Hiroki, Oyakawa, Chisako, Kato, Akemi, Shimizu, Daisuke, Rizaldi, Koyama, Yasuhiro, Hasegawa, Satoshi (2013-10-25)
  Primates; journal of primatology, 55(1): 13-17
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Possible use of heterospecific food-associated calls of macaques by sika deer for foraging efficiency
  Koda, Hiroki (2012-09)
  Behavioural processes, 91(1): 30-34
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Japanese monkeys (Macaca fuscata) spontaneously associate alarm calls with snakes appearing in the left visual field
  Shibasaki, Masahiro, Nagumo, Sumiharu, Koda, Hiroki (2014-08)
  Journal of comparative psychology, 128(3): 332-335
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Visual Recognition of Age Class and Preference for Infantile Features: Implications for Species-Specific vs Universal Cognitive Traits in Primates
  Sato, Anna, Koda, Hiroki, Lemasson, Alban, Nagumo, Sumiharu, Masataka, Nobuo (2012-05)
  PloS one, 7(5)
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Male replacement and stability of territorial boundary in a group of agile gibbons (Hylobates agilis agilis) in West Sumatra, Indonesia
  Koda, Hiroki, Oyakawa, Chisako, Nurulkamilah, Santi, Rizaldi, Sugiura, Hideki, Bakar, Amsir, Masataka, Nobuo (2012-10)
  Primates, 53(4): 327-332
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Possible role of mother-daughter vocal interactions on the development of species-specific song in gibbons
  Koda, Hiroki, Lemasson, Alban, Oyakawa, Chisako, Rizaldi, Pamungkas, Joko, Masataka, Nobuo (2013-08-12)
  PloS one, 8(8)
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Is attentional prioritisation of infant faces unique in humans?: Comparative demonstrations by modified dot-probe task in monkeys
  Koda, Hiroki, Sato, Anna, Kato, Akemi (2013-05)
  Behavioural processes, 96: 31-36
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From hand to mouth: Monkeys require greater effort in motor preparation for voluntary control of vocalization than for manual actions
  Koda, Hiroki, Kunieda, Takumi, Nishimura, Takeshi (2018-11-01)
  Royal Society Open Science, 5(11)
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