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Effects of the physical characteristics of seeds on gastrointestinal passage time in captive Japanese macaques
  Tsuji, Y., Morimoto, M., Matsubayashi, K. (2009-10-27)
  Journal of Zoology, 280(2): 171-176
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Estimation of seed dispersal distance by the bonobo, Pan paniscus, in a tropical forest in Democratic Republic of Congo
  Tsuji, Yamato, Yangozene, Kumugo, Sakamaki, Tetsuya (2009-12)
  Journal of Tropical Ecology, 26(01): 115
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Effects of food type and number of feeding sites in a tree on aggression during feeding in wild Macaca fuscata
  Hanya, Goro (2009-08)
  International Journal of Primatology, 30(4): 569-581
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Thatcher Effect in Monkeys Demonstrates Conservation of Face Perception across Primates
  Adachi, Ikuma, Chou, Dina P., Hampton, Robert R. (2009-08)
  Current Biology, 19(15): 1270-1273
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Faces capture the visuospatial attention of chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): evidence from a cueing experiment
  Tomonaga, Masaki, Imura, Tomoko (2009-07-23)
  Frontiers in zoology, 6
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Misrecognition of facial expressions in delinquents
  Sato, Wataru, Uono, Shota, Matsuura, Naomi, Toichi, Motomi (2009-09-18)
  Child and adolescent psychiatry and mental health, 3(1)
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