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How did the media report on the Great East Japan Earthquake? Objectivity and emotionality seeking in Japanese media coverage
  Uchida, Yukiko, Kanagawa, Chie, Takenishi, Ako, Harada, Akira, Okawa, Kiyotake, Yabuno, Hiromi (2015-05-18)
  PLOS ONE, 10(5)
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The NEET and Hikikomori spectrum: Assessing the risks and consequences of becoming culturally marginalized
  Uchida, Yukiko, Norasakkunkit, Vinai (2015-08-18)
  Frontiers in psychology, 6
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Social support in two cultures: Everyday transactions in the U.S. and empathic assurance in Japan
  Morling, Beth, Uchida, Yukiko, Frentrup, Sandra (2015-06-24)
  PLOS ONE, 10(6)
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Protecting Autonomy, Protecting Relatedness: Appraisal Patterns of Daily Anger and Shame in the United States and Japan
  Boiger, Michael, Uchida, Yukiko, Norasakkunkit, Vinai, Mesquita, Batja (2016-01)
  Japanese Psychological Research, 58(1): 28-41
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Changes in Hedonic and Eudaimonic Well-Being After a Severe Nationwide Disaster: The Case of the Great East Japan Earthquake
  Uchida, Yukiko, Takahashi, Yoshiaki, Kawahara, Kentaro (2013-08-06)
  Journal of Happiness Studies, 15(1): 207-221
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Does individualism bring happiness? Negative effects of individualism on interpersonal relationships and happiness
  Ogihara, Yuji, Uchida, Yukiko (2014-03-05)
  Frontiers in psychology, 5
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Do You Always Choose What You Like? Subtle Social Cues Increase Preference-Choice Consistency among Japanese But Not among Americans
  Uchida, Yukiko, Savani, Krishna, Hitokoto, Hidefumi, Kaino, Koichi (2017-2-21)
  Frontiers in Psychology, 8
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Farming cultivates a community-level shared culture through collective activities: Examining contextual effects with multilevel analyses
  Uchida, Yukiko, Takemura, Kosuke, Fukushima, Shintaro, Saizen, Izuru, Kawamura, Yuta, Hitokoto, Hidefumi, Koizumi, Naoko, Yoshikawa, Sakiko (2019-01)
  Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 116(1): 1-14
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