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  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-03-20)
  物性研究, 3(6): 424-425
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λ-転移とquasi-particle model
  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-01-20)
  物性研究, 3(4): 274-277
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  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-02-20)
  物性研究, 3(5): 317-324
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Pair-product model of Heisenberg ferromagnets (III)
  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-08-20)
  物性研究, 4(5): 415-434
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Dynamics of the Ising Model near the Critical Point
  鈴木, 増雄, 猪狩, 英雄 (1968-07-20)
  物性研究, 10(4): D15-D16
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Two-dimensional distribution of zeros of the partition function in in the complex field plane
  鈴木, 増雄 (1968-07-20)
  物性研究, 10(4): D48-D52
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Heisenberg modelと二次相転位II
  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-07-20)
  物性研究, 4(4): 293-310
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一次元Ising modelと相転移
  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-04-20)
  物性研究, 4(1): 1-13
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Time-Dependent Statistics of the Ising Model
  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-10-20)
  物性研究, 5(1): 38-51
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A Theorem on the Exact Solution of a Spin System in a Finite Magnetic Field
  鈴木, 増雄 (1965-09-20)
  物性研究, 4(6): 459-463
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