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Organization and distribution of glomeruli in the bowhead whale olfactory bulb
  Kishida, Takushi, Thewissen, JGM, Usip, Sharon, Suydam, Robert S., George, John C. (2015-04-28)
  PeerJ, 2015(3)
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Scratch that itch: Revisiting links between self-directed behaviour and parasitological, social and environmental factors in a free-ranging primate
  Duboscq, Julie, Romano, Valéria, Sueur, Cédric, MacIntosh, Andrew J. J. (2016-11-02)
  Royal Society Open Science, 3
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Hydrodynamic handicaps and organizational complexity in the foraging behavior of two free-ranging penguin species
  Meyer, Xavier, MacIntosh, Andrew J J, Kato, Akiko, Chiaradia, Andre, Ropert-Coudert, Yan (2015-12)
  Animal Biotelemetry, 3: 25
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Androgen receptor gene polymorphism in zebra species
  Ito, Hideyuki, Langenhorst, Tanya, Ogden, Rob, Inoue-Murayama, Miho (2015-09)
  Meta gene, 5: 120-123
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Factors Affecting Leaf Selection by Foregut-fermenting Proboscis Monkeys: New Insight from in vitro Digestibility and Toughness of Leaves
  Matsuda, Ikki, Clauss, Marcus, Tuuga, Augustine, Sugau, John, Hanya, Goro, Yumoto, Takakazu, Bernard, Henry, Hummel, Jürgen (2017-02-17)
  Scientific Reports, 7
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Mother–calf interactions and social behavior development in Commerson’s dolphins (Cephalorhynchus commersonii)
  Sakai, Mai, Morisaka, Tadamichi, Iwasaki, Mari, Yoshida, Yayoi, Wakabayashi, Ikuo, Seko, Atsushi, Kasamatsu, Masahiko, Kohshima, Shiro (2013-09)
  Journal of Ethology, 31(3): 305-313
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An observation of a severely disabled infant chimpanzee in the wild and her interactions with her mother
  Matsumoto, Takuya, Itoh, Noriko, Inoue, Sana, Nakamura, Michio (2016-01)
  Primates, 57(1): 3-7
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Sound variation and function in captive Commerson's dolphins (Cephalorhynchus commersonii)
  Yoshida, Yayoi M., Morisaka, Tadamichi, Sakai, Mai, Iwasaki, Mari, Wakabayashi, Ikuo, Seko, Atsushi, Kasamatsu, Masahiko, Akamatsu, Tomonari, Kohshima, Shiro (2014-10)
  Behavioural Processes, 108: 11-19
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Effects of Relocation and Individual and Environmental Factors on the Long-Term Stress Levels in Captive Chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes): Monitoring Hair Cortisol and Behaviors
  Yamanashi, Yumi, Teramoto, Migaku, Morimura, Naruki, Hirata, Satoshi, Inoue-Murayama, Miho, Idani, Gen'ichi (2016-07-27)
  PLOS ONE, 11(7)
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Analysis of hair cortisol levels in captive chimpanzees: Effect of various methods on cortisol stability and variability
  Yamanashi, Yumi, Teramoto, Migaku, Morimura, Naruki, Hirata, Satoshi, Suzuki, Juri, Hayashi, Misato, Kinoshita, Kodzue, Murayama, Miho, Idani, Gen'ichi (2016)
  MethodsX, 3: 110-117
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