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Sprout initiation and growth for three years after cutting in an abandoned secondary forest in Kyoto, Japan
  Imanishi, Ayumi, Morimoto, Junko, Imanishi, Junichi, Shibata, Shozo, Nakanishi, Asami, Osawa, Naoya, Sakai, Shinjiro (2010-07)
  Landscape and Ecological Engineering, 6(2): 325-333
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Nondestructive determination of leaf chlorophyll content in two flowering cherries using reflectance and absorptance spectra
  Imanishi, Junichi, Nakayama, Aki, Suzuki, Yoko, Imanishi, Ayumi, Ueda, Nobuyuki, Morimoto, Yukihiro, Yoneda, Minoru (2010-07)
  Landscape and Ecological Engineering, 6(2): 219-234
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Factors affecting the genetic diversity of a perennial herb Viola grypoceras A. Gray var. grypoceras in urban fragmented forests
  Toma, Yuichi, Imanishi, Junichi, Yokogawa, Masashi, Hashimoto, Hiroshi, Imanishi, Ayumi, Morimoto, Yukihiro, Hatanaka, Yuki, Isagi, Yuji, Shibata, Shozo (2015-10)
  Landscape Ecology, 30(8): 1435-1447
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Seed dormancy and germination traits of an endangered aquatic plant species, Euryale ferox Salisb. (Nymphaeaceae)
  Imanishi, Ayumi, Imanishi, Junichi (2014-10)
  Aquatic Botany, 119: 80-83
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