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Seasonal and site-specific variability in terrigenous particulate organic carbon concentration in near-shore waters of Lake Biwa, Japan
  Sakai, Yoichiro, Karube, Zin’ichi, Takeyama, Tomohiro, Kohzu, Ayato, Yoshimizu, Chikage, Nagata, Toshi, Tayasu, Ichiro, Okuda, Noboru (2013-04)
  Limnology, 14(2): 167-177
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Diversity and ubiquity of xylariaceous endophytes in live and dead leaves of temperate forest trees
  Osono, Takashi, Tateno, Osamu, Masuya, Hayato (2013-01)
  Mycoscience, 54(1): 54-61
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Abrupt community transitions and cyclic evolutionary dynamics in complex food webs
  Takahashi, Daisuke, Brännström, Ake, Mazzucco, Rupert, Yamauchi, Atsushi, Dieckmann, Ulf (2013-11-21)
  Journal of theoretical biology, 337: 181-189
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Contributions of detrital subsidies to aboveground spiders during secondary succession, revealed by radiocarbon and stable isotope signatures
  Haraguchi, Takashi F, Uchida, Masao, Shibata, Yasuyuki, Tayasu, Ichiro (2013-04)
  Oecologia, 171(4): 935-944
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Relative strength of phenotypic selection on the height and number of flowering-stalks in the rosette annual Cardamine hirsuta (Brassicaceae)
  Sato, Yasuhiro, Kudoh, Hiroshi (2013)
  Journal of Ecology and Environment, 36(3): 151-158
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Seasonal dominance of CL500-11 bacterioplankton (phylum Chloroflexi) in the oxygenated hypolimnion of Lake Biwa, Japan
  Okazaki, Yusuke, Hodoki, Yoshikuni, Nakano, Shin-ichi (2013-01-01)
  FEMS microbiology ecology, 83(1): 82-92
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