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<Keynote Speech> What we have studied and what should be studied in the future on tropical rain forests in Sarawak
  Nakashizuka, Tohru (2016-06)
  Proceedings of the symposium "Frontier in tropical forest research: progress in joint projects between the Forest Department Sarawak and the Japan Research Consortium for Tropical Forests in Sarawak", 2016: 1-8
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Network hubs in root-associated fungal metacommunities
  Toju, Hirokazu, Tanabe, Akifumi S., Sato, Hirotoshi (2018-06-23)
  Microbiome, 6
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Structural diversity across arbuscular mycorrhizal, ectomycorrhizal, and endophytic plant-fungus networks
  Toju, Hirokazu, Sato, Hirotoshi, Yamamoto, Satoshi, Tanabe, Akifumi S. (2018-11-21)
  BMC Plant Biology, 18
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