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Hyphal length in the forest floor and soil of subtropical, temperate, and subalpine forests
  Osono, Takashi (2014-09-20)
  Journal of Forest Research, 20(1): 69-76
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Selective lignin decomposition and nitrogen mineralization in forest litter colonized by Clitocybe sp
  Osono, Takashi, Hobara, Satoru, Hishinuma, Takuya, Azuma, Jun-ichi (2011-03)
  European Journal of Soil Biology, 47(2): 114-121
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Diversity and functioning of fungi associated with leaf litter decomposition in Asian forests of different climatic regions
  Osono, Takashi (2011-12)
  Fungal Ecology, 4(6): 375-385
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Fungal colonization and decomposition of leaves and stems of Salix arctica on deglaciated moraines in high-Arctic Canada
  Osono, Takashi, Matsuoka, Shunsuke, Hirose, Dai, Uchida, Masaki, Kanda, Hiroshi (2014-06)
  Polar Science, 8(2): 207-216
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Microfungi associated with withering willow wood in ground contact near Syowa Station, East Antarctica for 40 years
  Hirose, Dai, Tanabe, Yukiko, Uchida, Masaki, Kudoh, Sakae, Osono, Takashi (2013-06)
  Polar Biology, 36(6): 919-924
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Diversity and ubiquity of xylariaceous endophytes in live and dead leaves of temperate forest trees
  Osono, Takashi, Tateno, Osamu, Masuya, Hayato (2013-01)
  Mycoscience, 54(1): 54-61
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