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Community-wide impact of an exotic aphid on introduced tall goldenrod
  Ecological Entomology, 36(5): 643-653
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Ecosystem consequences of selective feeding of an insect herbivore: palatability-decomposability relationship revisited
  Ecological Entomology, 36(6): 768-775
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Ingestion and excretion of nitrogen by larvae of a cabbage armyworm: the effects of fertilizer application
  Kagata, Hideki, Ohgushi, Takayuki (2011-05)
  Agricultural and Forest Entomology, 13(2): 143-148
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Selective lignin decomposition and nitrogen mineralization in forest litter colonized by Clitocybe sp
  Osono, Takashi, Hobara, Satoru, Hishinuma, Takuya, Azuma, Jun-ichi (2011-03)
  European Journal of Soil Biology, 47(2): 114-121
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Diversity and functioning of fungi associated with leaf litter decomposition in Asian forests of different climatic regions
  Osono, Takashi (2011-12)
  Fungal Ecology, 4(6): 375-385
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Grazing on Microcystis (Cyanophyceae) by testate amoebae with special reference to cyanobacterial abundance and physiological state
  Mizuta, Seiko, Imai, Hiroyuki, Chang, Kwang-Hyeon, Doi, Hideyuki, Nishibe, Yuichiro, Nakano, Shin-ichi (2011-12)
  Limnology, 12(3): 205-211
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New organic reference materials for carbon- and nitrogen-stable isotope ratio measurements provided by Center for Ecological Research, Kyoto University, and Institute of Biogeosciences, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology
  Tayasu, Ichiro, Hirasawa, Riyo, Ogawa, Nanako O., Ohkouchi, Naohiko, Yamada, Keita (2011-12)
  Limnology, 12(3): 261-266
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Decomposition of wood, petiole and leaf litter by Xylaria species from northern Thailand
  Osono, Takashi, To-Anun, Chaiwat, Hagiwara, Yusuke, Hirose, Dai (2011-06)
  Fungal Ecology, 4(3): 210-218
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Indirect interaction webs on tall goldenrod: community consequences of herbivore-induced phenotypes and genetic variation of plants
  Ohgushi, Takayuki, Ando, Yoshino, Utsumi, Shunsuke, Craig, Timothy P. (2011-06)
  Journal of Plant Interactions, 6(2-3): 147-150
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Cyclic transitions in simulated food-web evolution
  Takahashi, Daisuke, Brännström, Åke, Mazzucco, Rupert, Yamauchi, Atsushi, Dieckmann, Ulf (2011-06)
  Journal of Plant Interactions, 6(2-3): 181-182
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