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Holding Company or Outright Merger? -Alternatives for Corporate Integration-
  Shimotani, Masahiro (2007-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 76(2): 181-191
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The Commercialization Process of Intellectual Property by New Technology Based Firms in Japan
  Kirihata, Tetsuya (2007-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 76(2): 241-249
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Forming Kuznets Curve among Chinese Provinces
  Ohnishi, Hiroshi (2007-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 76(2): 155-163
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Increase in Risk and Comparative Static Analysis
  Nariu, Tatsuhiko, Iwaki, Hideki (2006-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 75(2): 151-160
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Professionalization and the Spread of Marginalist Economics in the United States
  Hong, Keehyun (2008-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 77(2): 127-155
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Increasing Wage Inequality in Japan since the End of the 1990s : An Institutional Explanation
  Uni, Hiroyuki (2008-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 77(2): 79-105
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Optimal Aid in Environmental Policy: A Real Options Approach
  Ohyama, Atsuyuki, Nishihara, Michi (2008-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 77(1): 21-50
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Determinateness and Indeterminateness in Schumpeter's Economic Sociology: The Origin of Social Evolution
  Yagi, Kiichiro (2008-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 77(1): 51-65
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Japanese Retro-Modern Engines of Innovation
  Maegawa, Yoshikazu, Miyamoto, Takuya (2008-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 77(2): 157-171
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Emerging 'Standard Complex' and Corporate Social Responsibility of Agro–food Businesses: A Case Study of Dole Food Company
  Sekine, Kae, Boutonnet, Jean–Pierre, Hisano, Shuji (2008-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 77(1): 67-77
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