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Behavioral economics survey of patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes
  Emoto, Naoya, Okajima, Fumitaka, Sugihara, Hitoshi, Goto, Rei (2015-5-11)
  Patient Preference and Adherence, 9: 649-658
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The delayed effects of monetary shocks in a two-sector New Keynesian model
  Katayama, Munechika, Kim, Kwang Hwan (2013-12)
  Journal of Macroeconomics, 38(Part B): 243-259
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Predicting Job Crafting From the Socially Embedded Perspective: The Interactive Effect of Job Autonomy, Social Skill, and Employee Status
  Sekiguchi, Tomoki, Li, Jie, Hosomi, Masaki (2017-12-01)
  The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 53(4): 470-497
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  山口, 臨太郎, 井上, 博成 (2016-09)
  環境経済・政策研究, 9(2): 51-54
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  山口, 臨太郎, 大久保, 和宣, 佐藤, 真行, 篭橋, 一輝, 馬奈木, 俊介 (2016-03)
  環境経済・政策研究, 9(1): 14-27
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The Changing Comparative Advantages of the Hong Kong Watch Industry, 1950-2010
  Donzé, Pierre-Yves (2012-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 81(1): 28-47
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Adam Smith's moral economy
  Berry, Christopher J. (2010)
  The Kyoto economic review, 79(1): 2-15
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Defoe and the Principle of Trade
  Hayashi, Naoki (2010)
  The Kyoto economic review, 79(1): 66-76
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Adam Smith on the cyclicity of the rise and fall of civilization
  Nohara, Shinji (2010)
  The Kyoto economic review, 79(1): 77-89
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Competitiveness of the Japanese, Korean, and Chinese Automobile Industries
  Shioji, Hiromi (2012-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 81(1): 48-63
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