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Consistent Pricing and Hedging of an FX Options Book
  Bisesti, Lorenzo, Castagna, Antonio, Mercurio, Fabio (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(1): 65-83
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Inventory Effects of Two Risk-Averse Market Makers
  Tanaka, Keiichi (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(1): 119-142
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The Currency Conversion in Postwar Taiwan: Gold Standard from 1949 to 1950
  Li, Shih-hui (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(2): 191-203
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Real Options in an Oligopoly Market
  Kijima, Masaaki, Shibata, Takashi (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(1): 47-64
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Price Formation in a Competitive Market When the Payoff of an Asset Depends on the Market Price
  Nishide, Katsumasa (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(1): 143-161
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A Model of Skill Acquisition: An Inquiry into the Effect of Skill Variety on Educational Choice
  Iwahashi, Roki (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(2): 163-177
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Productivity and its Decomposition in the Japanese Broadcasting Market
  Asai, Sumiko (2005)
  The Kyoto Economic Review, 74(2): 179-190
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Beauty as Independence Stoic Philosophy and Adam Smith
  Furuya, Hiroyuki (2011-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 80(1): 70-102
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Political Economy in Late Eighteenth-Century British Radicalism A Re-Examination of the Analytical Categories
  Goto, Hiroko (2011-06)
  The Kyoto economic review, 80(1): 41-69
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