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Capital depreciation and waste accumulation in capital-resource economies
  Yamaguchi, Rintaro, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2011-04-08)
  Applied Economics Letters, 18(6): 519-522
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Measuring Regional Wealth and Assessing Sustainable Development: An Application to a Disaster-Torn Region in Japan
  Yamaguchi, Rintaro, Sato, Masayuki, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2016)
  Social Indicators Research
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Foreign Aid and Economic Development: Tanzania's Experience with ODA
  Rotarou, Elena, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2009-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 78(2): 157-189
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The Distributional Effects of a China Carbon Tax: A Rural–Urban Assessment
  Sun, Wenjun, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2011-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 80(2): 188-206
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Impact of Environmental Regulation on Productivity: Case Studies of Three Industries in Japan
  Chalermthanakom, Adisak, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2011-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 80(2): 167-187
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Environmental Governance for Sustainable Development in East Asia
  Ueta, Kazuhiro, Mori, Akihisa (2007-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 76(2): 165-179
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An economic evaluation of nuclear power plant externalities, using the hedonic price approach
  Kato, Hirotaka, Ueta, Kazuhiro (2012-12)
  The Kyoto economic review, 81(2): 132-166
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