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  山田, 剛史 (2015-05)
  大学教育学会誌 = Journal of the Liberal and General Education Society of Japan, 37(1): 55-59
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Improvement of particle-based volume rendering for visualizing irregular volume data sets
  Sakamoto, Naohisa, Kawamura, Takuma, Koyamada, Koji, Nozaki, Kazunori (2010-02)
  Computers & Graphics, 34(1): 34-42
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  山田, 剛史 (2016-05)
  Guideline, 2016(4-5): 47-49
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  山田, 剛史 (2017-03-31)
  JACET Kansai Journal, 19: 1-20
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Projection Mapping Celebrating RIMPA 400th Anniversary
  Tosa, Naoko, Nakatsu, Ryohei, Pang, Yunian, Ogata, Kosuke (201-10)
  2015 International Conference on Culture and Computing (Culture Computing): 18-24
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New Approach of Cultural Aesthetic Using Sound and Image
  Pang, Yunian, Tosa, Naoko (2015-10)
  2015 International Conference on Culture and Computing (Culture Computing): 193-194
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  土佐, 尚子, 中津, 良平 (2016-04-01)
  電子情報通信学会誌, 99(4): 295-302
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  田口, 真奈, 後藤, 崇志, 毛利, 隆夫 (2019-01-20)
  日本教育工学会論文誌, 42(3): 255-269
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MOOCでの授業実践の経験を通した大学教員の授業力量形成 - Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge(TPACK)の形成に着目して -
  香西, 佳美, 田口, 真奈 (2018-03-01)
  日本教育工学会論文誌, 41(4): 449-460
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Motivation for learning in Massive Open Online Courses differs according to the learners’socioeconomic backgrounds: Meta-analytical results of synthesizing seven courses
  Goto, Takayuki, Taguchi, Mana (2018)
  人間環境学研究, 16(1): 17-23
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