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Mean-square radius of gyration and scattering function of semiflexible ring polymers of the trefoil knot
  Abe, Hiroki, Ida, Daichi (2016-07-27)
  Polymers, 8(8)
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Research Update: Interface-engineered oxygen octahedral tilts in perovskite oxide heterostructures
  Kan, Daisuke, Aso, Ryotaro, Kurata, Hiroki, Shimakawa, Yuichi (2015-06-01)
  APL Materials, 3
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Low-redshift effects of local structure on the Hubble parameter in presence of a cosmological constant
  Romano, Antonio Enea, Vallejo, Sergio Andres (2016-04)
  European Physical Journal C, 76
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<書評> 梅原郁著『宋代司法制度研究』
  近藤, 一成 (2008-06)
  東洋史研究, 67(1): 103-112
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Pressure-sensitive reaction yield of the TePixD blue-light sensor protein
  Kuroi, Kunisato, Okajima, Koji, Ikeuchi, Masahiko, Tokutomi, Satoru, Kamiyama, Tadashi, Terazima, Masahide (2015-02-19)
  Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 119(7): 2897-2907
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Time-resolved fluctuation during the photochemical reaction of a photoreceptor protein: Phototropin1LOV2-linker
  Kuroi, Kunisato, Sato, Francielle, Nakasone, Yusuke, Zikihara, Kazunori, Tokutomi, Satoru, Terazima, Masahide (2016-01-27)
  Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 18: 6228-6238
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In vitro maturation of immature rat oocytes under simple culture conditions and subsequent developmental ability
  Taketsuru, Hiroaki, Kaneko, Takehito (2016-07-02)
  Journal of Reproduction and Development, 62(5): 521-526
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Circulating cell-free DNA-based epigenetic assay can detect early breast cancer
  Uehiro, Natsue, Sato, Fumiaki, Pu, Fengling, Tanaka, Sunao, Kawashima, Masahiro, Kawaguchi, Kosuke, Sugimoto, Masahiro, Saji, Shigehira, Toi, Masakazu (2016-12-19)
  Breast Cancer Research, 18(1)
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A Support System to Accumulate Interpretations of Multiple Story Timelines
  Ohmoto, Yoshimasa, Ookaki, Takashi, Nishida, Toyoaki (2016)
  Procedia Computer Science, 96: 607-616
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Clinical and microbiologic characteristics of cefotaxime-non-susceptible Enterobacteriaceae bacteremia: A case control study
  Noguchi, Taro, Matsumura, Yasufumi, Yamamoto, Masaki, Nagao, Miki, Takakura, Shunji, Ichiyama, Satoshi (2017-01-07)
  BMC Infectious Diseases, 17(1)
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