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Synthesis of aggregation-induced emission-active conjugated polymers composed of group 13 diiminate complexes with tunable energy levels via alteration of central element
  Ito, Shunichiro; Hirose, Amane; Yamaguchi, Madoka; Tanaka, Kazuo; Chujo, Yoshiki (2017-02-16)
  Polymers, 9
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Recent progress of optical functional nanomaterials based on organoboron complexes with β-diketonate, ketoiminate and diiminate
  Tanaka, Kazuo; Chujo, Yoshiki (2015-11-06)
  NPG Asia Materials, 7
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High HOMO levels and narrow energy band gaps of dithienogalloles
  Matsumoto, Takuya; Tanaka, Kazuo; Chujo, Yoshiki (2015-06-24)
  RSC Advances, 5(68): 55406-55410
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Synthesis of emissive water-soluble network polymers based on polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and their application as optical sensors for discriminating the particle size
  Kakuta, Takahiro; Tanaka, Kazuo; Chujo, Yoshiki (2015-10-28)
  Journal of Materials Chemistry C, 3(48): 12539-12545
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Energy transfer through heterogeneous dyes-substituted fluorene-containing alternating copolymers and their dual-emission properties in the films
  Yeo, Hyeonuk; Tanaka, Kazuo; Chujo, Yoshiki (2015-04-23)
  Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry, 53(17): 2026-2035
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Liquid scintillators with near infrared emission based on organoboron conjugated polymers.
  Tanaka, Kazuo; Yanagida, Takayuki; Yamane, Honami; Hirose, Amane; Yoshii, Ryousuke; Chujo, Yoshiki (2015-11-15)
  Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters, 25(22): 5331-5334
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Carbon Dioxide Fixation by Metal Complexes and Related Reactions
  Chujo, Yoshiki (1980-07-23)
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Acceleration of guanine oxidation under visible light irradiation by photon upconversion based on triplet-triplet annihilation
  Tanaka, Kazuo; Kitamura, Narufumi; Inafuku, Kenichi; Chujo, Yoshiki (2009-09)
  Nucleic acids symposium series, 53(1): 183-184
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Multi-modal 19F NMR probe using perfluorinated cubic silsesquioxane-coated silica nanoparticles for monitoring enzymatic activity.
  Tanaka, Kazuo; Kitamura, Narufumi; Naka, Kensuke; Chujo, Yoshiki (2008-12-14)
  Chemical communications (Cambridge, England), 2008(46): 6176-6178
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Synthesis of through-space conjugated polymers containing the pseudo-ortho-linked [2.2]paracyclophane moiety
  Morisaki, Yasuhiro; Wada, Naoki; Arita, Manabu; Chujo, Yoshiki (2009-03)
  Polymer Bulletin, 62(3): 305-314
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