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Studies on tne distribution and ecological role of termites in a Lowland Rain Forest of West Malaysia
  Abe, Takuya (1975-11-25)
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  角田, 邦夫 (1998-12-01)
  木材研究・資料, 34: 22-29
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  吉村, 剛 (1993-11-30)
  木材研究・資料, 29: 39-53
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  高橋, 旨象 (1992-11-30)
  木材研究・資料, 28: 33-47
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  今村, 祐嗣 (1990-11-30)
  木材研究・資料, 26: 38-60
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京大広報 No. 200
  京都大学広報委員会 (1980-07-01)
  京大広報, 200: 1145-1152
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Studies on Trail Pheromones Isolated from the Japanese Rhinotermitid Termites
  Tokoro, Masahiko (1992-03-23)
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Nutritional ecology of termite-symbionts system using stable isotope techniques
  Tayasu, Ichiro (1997-03-24)
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  上原, 重男 (1981-03-23)
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  則元, 京; 今村, 祐嗣; 川井, 秀一; 瀧野, 眞二郎; 安藤, 直人; 橋本, 潤一; 中尾, 哲也; 津田, 潮 (1995-12-20)
  木材研究・資料, 31: 64-80
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