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  辻, 仁志 (1965-09-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(5): 1269-1294
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心疾患の手術時に採取せる肺組織片の微細構造に関する研究 : 手術前後の血行動態との関連性について
  岡村, 芳樹 (1965-09-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(5): 1237-1268
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脳出血の脳循環, 脳代謝に及ぼす影響に関する実験的研究
  野村, 史郎 (1965-09-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(5): 1221-1236
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Localization of Antibody in Experimental Portal Hypertension Produced by Anti-Dog-Spleen Rabbit Serum
  NAKAHAMA, SATORU (1965-09-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(5): 1305-1328
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超低体温下循環停止に関する実験的研究 : 重要臓器の組織呼吸に及ぼす循環停止の影響
  田村, 陽一 (1965-09-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(5): 1295-1304
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Electron Microscopical Study on the Fine Structure and the Cholinesterase Activity of the Neuromuscular Junction in Progressive Muscular Dystrophy
  NARA, TAKASHI (1965-09-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(5): 1213-1220
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肺癌の進展形態に関する研究 : とくに銀好性細線維の処見を中心として
  林, 雄俊 (1965-11-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(6): 1486-1511
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Experimental Studies on the Cooling Irrigation of Cerebral Ventricular System (III) Electron microscopical observation of the choroid plexus and cerebral substance near the ventricular cavity
  NAKAMURA, TERUMI (1965-11-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(6): 1395-1412
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Homologous and Heterologous Venous Replacement with Synthetic Graft Covered with Canine Pseudointima
  ONO, KEIJI (1965-11-01)
  日本外科宝函, 34(6): 1462-1485
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A Study on Immunological Therapy for Cancer by Using Nitrogen Mustard-treated Cancer Tissue
  日本外科宝函, 34(6): 1413-1429
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