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Quantitative Determination of Nickel and Cobalt in Sea Water
  Ishibashi, Masayoshi; Shigematsu, Tsunenobu; Nakagawa, Yasuharu (1951-12-10)
  京都大学化学研究所報告, 26: 68-69
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Chemical Studies of the Ocean (XL) : On the Regularities of the Amounts of Elements dissolving in Sea Water (2)
  Ishibashi, Masayoshi; Shigematsu, Tsunenobu (1952-02-25)
  京都大学化学研究所報告, 27: 42-48
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Studies on the Volumetric Analysis by the Use of High Frequency Oscillator. (II)
  Ishibashi, Masayoshi; Fujinaga, Taitiro; Mitamura, Minoru (1952-02-25)
  京都大学化学研究所報告, 27: 57-58
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