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Lucian W. Pye, Politics, Personality and Nation Building, Burma's Search for Identity, New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 1962,xx+307
  本岡, 武 (1963)
  東南アジア研究, 1(1): 79-79
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  奥田, 東 (1963)
  東南アジア研究, 1(1): 1-1
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<図書紹介>Joseph B. Kingsbury and Robert F. Wilcox, Introduction to the Principles of Public Administration in Thailand, Institute of Public Administration, Thammsat University, Bangkok, 1961,122pp
  福島, 徳寿郎 (1965-09)
  東南アジア研究, 3(2): 146-146
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<図書紹介>Jayawickrama, N. A. (tr.). The Sheaf of Garlands of the Epochs of the Conqueror being a translation of Jinakalamalipakaranam of Ratanapanna Thera of Thaliand. (PTS Translation Series No. 36). London : Luzac & Co., 1968, xlvi+235p
  石井, 米雄 (1969-09)
  東南アジア研究, 7(2): 226-226
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<図書紹介>Herbert Phillips, Thai Peasant Personality, Univ. of California Press, Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1965,xii+231p
  飯島, 茂 (1965-09)
  東南アジア研究, 3(2): 143-144
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  坂本, 恭章 (1968-09)
  東南アジア研究, 6(2): 290-320
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<図書紹介>Theodore Friend, Between Two Empires, The Ordeal of the Philippines, 1929-1946,Yale University Press, New Haven, Conn., 1965,xviii+312p
  本岡, 武 (1965-09)
  東南アジア研究, 3(2): 148-149
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<図書紹介>Phya Anuman Rajadhon. Essays on Thai Folklore. Bangkok : The Social Science Association Press of Thailand, 1968. ii+383p
  石井, 米雄 (1969-09)
  東南アジア研究, 7(2): 226-227
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<図書紹介>S. Takdir Alisjahbana, The Failure of Modern Linguistics in the Face of Linguistic Problems of the Twentieth Century, Kuala Lumpur, University of Malaya, 1965,36p
  三谷, 恭之 (1965-09)
  東南アジア研究, 3(2): 147-147
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ラフ・ナ語の音素体系 : ラフ・ナ語の記述
  桂, 満希郎 (1968-12)
  東南アジア研究, 6(3): 583-607
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