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Computing as Dynamics of Information : Classification of Geometric Dynamical Information Systems Based on Properties of Closure Spaces (Algebra and Computer Science)
  Schroeder, Marcin J. (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 126-134
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Improvement on Searching Minimum Dominating Vertex Sets of Complete Grid Graphs using an IP Solver (Algebra and Computer Science)
  JIMBO, Shuji, KOUZAI, Naruhito (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 135-140
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一般導分に付随した関手 (代数とコンピュータサイエンス)
  小松, 弘明 (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 122-125
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Superstring Theory and Triple Systems (Algebra and Computer Science)
  Sato, Matsuo (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 114-121
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A Conjecture of Ducci Sequences and the Aspects (Algebra and Computer Science)
  Miztani, Euich, Nozaki, Akihiro, Sawatari, Toru (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 88-97
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Triple systems and structurable algebras (Algebra and Computer Science)
  Kamiya, Noriaki, Okubo, Susumu (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 106-113
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Certain LCM-stable modules (Algebra and Computer Science)
  金光, 三男 (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 102-105
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NP完全問題の行列表現 (代数とコンピュータサイエンス)
  松木, 伯元 (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 98-101
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Hypergeometric type generating functions of several variables associated with the Lerch zeta-function : summarized version (Analytic Number Theory : Number Theory through Approximation and Asymptotics)
  KATSURADA, Masanori (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1874: 161-173
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Locally freely productable groups and the primitivity of their group rings (Algebra and Computer Science)
  Nishinaka, Tsunekazu (2014-01)
  数理解析研究所講究録, 1873: 31-39
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