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Crystal structures of two tropinone reductases: Different reaction stereospecificities in the same protein fold. (MOLECULAR BIOFUNCTION-Functional Molecular Conversion)
  Nakajima, Keiji; Yamashita, Atsuko; Akama, Hiroyuki; Nakatsu, Toru; Kato, Hiroaki; Hashimoto, Takashi; Oda, Jun'ichi; Yamada, Yasuyuki (1999-03)
  ICR Annual Report, 5: 44-45
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Crystal Structure of Asparagine Synthetase Reveals a Close Evolutionary Relationship to Class II Aminoacyl-tRNA Synthetase (MOLECULAR BIOFUNCTION-Functional Molecular Conversion)
  Nakatsu, Toru; Kato, Hiroaki; Oda, Jun'ichi (1998-03)
  ICR Annual Report, 4: 44-45
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Crystal Structure of a NifS Homologue CsdB from Escherichia coli (MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND INFORMATION-Biopolymer Structure)
  Fujii, Tomomi; Hata, Yasuo (2001-03)
  ICR Annual Report, 7: 48-49
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π-Conjugated Radical Cations Stabilized by Surrounding Bicyclic σ-Frameworks (ORGANIC MATERIALS CHEMISTRY-High-Pressure Organic Chemistry)
  Komatsu, Koichi; Nishinaga, Tohru; Matsuura, Akira; Wakamiya, Atsushi (2000-03)
  ICR Annual Report, 6: 32-33
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