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悪性虫垂カルチノイドの1例 : 附. 組織化学的, 電子顕微鏡的検索および本邦カルチノイド20例の集計
  森, 渥視; 川西, 秀徳; 挾間, 章忠 (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 120-133
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Clinical and Experimental Study on the Tumor Cells in the Blood
  UCHIDA, KOTARO (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 24-52
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Experimental Studies of Hepatorenal Relationship from the Sugical Point of View : The Influence of Ligation of the Hepatic Artery and that of Obstructive Jaundice on the Kidney
  UCHIYAMA, TERUMI (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 53-78
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Pathophysiology of the Liver of Hepatic Artery Ligated Dogs (Portal Dogs), with Special Reference to Their Tolerance to Shock
  TONE, KAZUHIRO (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 79-100
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Follow-up Study on Surgery of Cervical Central Disk Protrusion
  NOZUE, YO (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 101-119
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門脈圧亢進症に対して mesenteric-caval shunt 造設が奏効した2例
  三崎, 英生; 板谷, 博之; 佐々木, 進次郞; 枡岡, 進; 藤村, 英夫; 笠川, 脩 (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 134-139
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Silent Gallstone の手術適応について
  戸部, 隆吉; 好地, 衛; 渡辺, 良; 古田, 睦広 (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 140-144
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  吉野, 位; 高橋, 宏 (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 145-147
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  日本外科宝函, 33(1)
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Electrophysiological Studies on the Arrest Reaction Elicited by the Brain Stem Stimulation
  OKA, HIROSHI (1964-01-01)
  日本外科宝函, 33(1): 1-15
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