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Modelling and Forecasting Noisy Realized Volatility
  Asai, Manabu; McAleer, Michael; Medeiros, Marcelo C. (2011-01)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 758
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What do Experts Know About Ranking Journal Quality? A Comparison with ISI Research Impact in Finance
  McAleer, Michael; Chang, Chia-Lin (2012-01)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 806
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How Should Journal Quality be Ranked? An Application to Agricultural, Energy, Environmental and Resource Economics
  McAleer, Michael; Chang, Chia-Lin (2012-01)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 808
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Evaluating Macroeconomic Forecasts:A Concise Review of Some Recent Developments
  Philip Hans Franses; McAleer, Michael; Legerstee, Rianne (2012-06)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 821
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Modelling the Volatility in Short and Long Haul Japanese Tourist Arrivals to New Zealand and Taiwan
  Chang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael; Lim, Christine (2011-07)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 783
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GFC-Robust Risk Management Under the Basel Accord Using Extreme Value Methodologies
  Santos, Paulo Araújo; Jiménez-Martín, Juan-Ángel; Amaral, Teodosio Pérez; McAleer, Michael (2011-07)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 782
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Risk Management of Risk Under the Basel Accord: A Bayesian Approach to Forecasting Value-at-Risk of VIX Futures
  Casarin, Roberto; Chang, Chia-Lin; Jiménez-Martín, Juan-Ángel; McAleer, Michael; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio (2011-07)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 784
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Has the Basel II Accord Encouraged Risk Management During the 2008-09 Financial Crisis?
  McAleer, Michael; Jiménez-Martín, Juan-Ángel; Pérez-Amaral, Teodosio (2011-04)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 767
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Citations and Impact of ISI Tourism and Hospitality Journals
  Chang, Chia-Lin; McAleer, Michael (2011-07)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 781
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Robust Ranking of Multivariate GARCH Models by Problem Dimension
  McAleer, Michael; Caporin, Massimiliano (2012-04)
  KIER Discussion Paper, 815
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