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Allozymic Variation in the Japanese Clawed Salamander, Onychodactylus japonicus (Amphibia: Caudata: Hynobiidae), with Special Reference to the Presence of Two Sympatric Genetic Types
  Yoshikawa, Natsuhiko, Matsui, Masafumi, Nishikawa, Kanto, Misawa, Yasuchika, Tanabe, Shingo (2010-01)
  Zoological Science, 27(1): 33-40
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Morphological and Allozymic Variation in Hynobius boulengeri and H. stejnegeri (Amphibia: Urodela: Hynobiidae)
  Nishikawa, Kanto, Matsui, Masafumi, Tanabe, Shingo, Sato, Shin'ichi (2007-07)
  Zoological Science, 24(7): 752-766
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Occurrence of two types of Hynobius naevius in northern Kyushu, Japan (Amphibia : Urodela)
  Tominaga, Atsushi, Matsui, Masafumi, Nishikawa, Kanto, Sato, Shin'ichi (2003-12)
  Zoological Science, 20(12): 1467-1476
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Notes on a discrepancy in mitochondrial DNA and allozyme differentiation in a pond frog Rana nigromaculata
  Kim, Jong-Bum, Matsui, Masafumi, Lee, Jung-Eun, Min, Mi-Sook, Suh, Jae-Hwa, Yang, Suh-Yung (2004-01)
  Zoological Science, 21(1): 39-42
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Highly complex mitochondrial DNA genealogy in an endemic Japanese subterranean breeding brown frog Rana tagoi (Amphibia, Anura, Ranidae)
  Eto, Koshiro, Matsui, Masafumi, Sugahara, Takahiro, Tanaka-Ueno, Tomoko (2012-10)
  Zoological science, 29(10): 662-671
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