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  音声科学研究 = Studia phonologica

Studia phonologica ; Stud. phonol
発行: 京都大学音声科学総合研究部会 (Institution for Phonetic Sciences, University of Kyoto)
ISSN: 0300-1067

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   Vol.28   (1994)  


     Speaker Recognition Robust for Time Difference based on Sub-space Method
    Ariki, Yasuo 
     p.1 -10

     Acoustic Analysis and Transcription of Linguistic and Paralinguistic Features in Dialogue Speech
    Kitazawa, Shigeyoshi      Kobayashi, Satoshi      Matsunaga, Takao      Ichikawa, Hideya 
     p.11 -23

     An Evaluation of Language Identification Methods Based on HMMs
    Nakagawa, Seiichi      Reyes, Allan A. 
     p.24 -36

     Efficient Semantic Constraint for Speech Recognition
    Niimi, Yasuhisa      Kobayashi, Yutaka 
     p.37 -47

     Comparison of Parsing and Spotting Approaches for Spoken Dialogue Understanding
    Kawahara, Tatsuya      Araki, Masahiro      Doshita, Shuji 
     p.48 -54


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