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Kyoto University Research Information Repository (KURENAI) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, dissertations, departmental bulletin papers and any kind of scholarly works of Kyoto University.

* over 141,000 Articles (2016.3) / 200 Journals (2015) / over 3,910,000 fulltext downloads (2015)

Trial service of KURENAI Deposit System(2016/03/24)

KURENI will start assigning DOIs to Kyoto University’s doctoral theses.(2015/12/22)

Kyoto University has adopted “Kyoto University Open Access Policy”.(2015/05/07)

Kyoto University Research Information Repository, KURENAI, and Activity Database on Education and Research are now linked! (2015/03/05)

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430 東南アジア地域研究研究所
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Saito, Yuichiro ... [et al]. Chromatin modification and NBS1: Their relationship in DNA double-strand break repair
Chen, Chih Yao ... [et al]. Ionic liquid electrolytes with high sodium ion fraction for high-rate and long-life sodium secondary batteries
Tawa, Shinya ... [et al]. Iron(III) fluoride synthesized by a fluorolysis method and its electrochemical properties as a positive electrode material for lithium secondary batteries
. Library Service News No. 265. Library Service News. 265. 2017
Veryasov, Gleb ... [et al]. Homoleptic octahedral coordination of CH₃CN to Mg²⁺ in the Mg[N(SO₂CF₃)₂]₂–CH₃CN system
Yasuda, Kouji ... [et al]. Silicon electrodeposition in water-soluble KF-KCl molten salt: Optimization of electrolysis conditions at 923 K
愛知, 靖之. TPP協定に基づく法定損害賠償制度の著作権法への導入と法定損害賠償・追加的(懲罰的)損害賠償を命じた外国判決の承認執行. パテント. 69. 2016. 154-166
Yasuda, Kouji ... [et al]. Selective formation of rare-earth–Nickel Alloys via electrochemical reactions in NaCl–KCl molten salt
. 京大東アジアセンターニュースレター 第667号. 京大東アジアセンターニュースレター. 667. 2017
. 京大東アジアセンターニュースレター 第666号. 京大東アジアセンターニュースレター. 666. 2017


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