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矢木, 毅. 朝鮮時代における三司の言論と官人の處罰. 東方學報. 89. 2014. 1-64. There were three organs of opinion in the Joseon government,
白須, 裕之. 漢籍の電子的な翻刻について : 『說文解字注』の Unicode 轉寫を事例として. 東方學報. 89. 2014. 238-211. The mathematical theory of institution could present general foundations for ontology-based semantic integration. The author already presented a formalization of describing knowledge on Chinese characters by using institutinalized representational systems. This formalization can model systems constructed by characters and relations between them, and present an inference system to deduce facts on characters. The aim of this paper is to present a case study of creating digital versions of historical Chinese texts. Our target text for digitization is Duan Yucai's Shuowen Jiezi Zhu, which is a Qing print of an annotated edition of Xu Shen's Shuowen Jiezi dictionary. This dictionary was compiled during the Eastern Han Dynasty and presented interpretation of the simple pictographs and analysis of complex characters. Our digital transcription uses as a character encoding the Universal Character Set (Unicode) which includes a rich set of CJK ideographs. In the transcription with the Unicode characters, we use the three standard dictionaries selected by the Unicode Consortium. Identifing characters in origital texts requires an interpretation of them. In particular, we take notice of Duan Yucai's phonological annotations of characters. Phonological information of characters is useful for presenting digital transcription of anciant Chinese texts. Our case study of digitizing Shuowen Jiezi Zhu shows the usefulness of our formalization, which can present inference on phonological information of characters from Duan Yucai's annotations.
北朝石刻資料の研究(II)班. 北朝石刻資料選注 II(一). 東方學報. 89. 2014. 65-209
市村, 導人. 地力概念から見た中國水稻作の實態 : 宋元明淸時代を中心に. 東方學報. 89. 2014. 258-239. Among the research on the history of Chinese
. 英文要旨. 東方學報. 89. 2014. 297-300
徐, 大源. 『參同契』易學考 : 太極圖の由來と關連して. 東方學報. 89. 2014. 296-259. The Diagram of the Great Ultimate and The Explanation
. 表紙・目次・投稿規程・執筆要領・奥付. 東方學報. 89. 2014
. 彙報 二〇一三年一月より二〇一三年十二月まで. 東方學報. 89. 2014. 301-321
Takahashi, Shuhei. State Dependency in Price and Wage Setting. KIER Discussion Paper. 918. 2015. The frequency
小嶋, 健太. 政府間における出向制度の厚生分析. KIER Discussion Paper. 1410. 2015. 中央政府から地方政府へ職員を派遣させる政府間の出向制度は, わが国の公務員制度の大


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