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Suda, Kota. Somatic segregation, recombination and elimination of mitochondrial genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Niegawa, Akira. Near Universality" of the Structure Functions and the Form Factors in the Dual Resonance Model
中村, 康彦. 懸濁粒子の表面状態と分散性に関する界面電気化学的研究. 1974
Imanishi, Hideki. On the Theorem of Denjoy-Sacksteder for Codimension One Foliations without Holonomy
Kihara, Sourin. Analytical Chemical Studies on Electrode Processes by the Column Coulometry. 1974
山岡, 隆. γ相Mn-Ir合金の反強磁性に関する研究. 1974
平間, 稔. ウニ初期胚のポリゾーム. 1974
Hosono, Masamichi. Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the antibody response in adult mice tolerized by deaggregated bovine γ-globulin at the cellular level
大橋, 憲太郎. FeCl3-黒鉛化合物の磁性研究. 1974
Kusaka, Takashi. Dynamical Contraction of Infinite Plane-symmetric Gas Clouds. 1974
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