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Title: 葉酸は神経管閉鎖障害の発生リスクを低減する : 妊婦の認知率・葉酸摂取率(2006年)
Other Titles: Folic acid reduces the risk of neural tube defects: awareness and folate intake among pregnant women in 2006
Authors: 近藤, 厚生 researcher_resolver_name
下須賀, 洋一 researcher_resolver_name
小口, 秀紀 researcher_resolver_name
柴田, 金光 researcher_resolver_name
倉内, 修 researcher_resolver_name
市子, 哲 researcher_resolver_name
井上, 裕美 researcher_resolver_name
多田, 克彦 researcher_resolver_name
山田, 満尚 researcher_resolver_name
可世木, 成明 researcher_resolver_name
成田, 収 researcher_resolver_name
草西, 洋 researcher_resolver_name
山田, 新尚 researcher_resolver_name
山本, 真一 researcher_resolver_name
大浦, 訓章 researcher_resolver_name
竹村, 昌彦 researcher_resolver_name
渡辺, 孝紀 researcher_resolver_name
石原, 理 researcher_resolver_name
竹田, 明宏 researcher_resolver_name
渡邊, 潤一郎 researcher_resolver_name
脇田, 勝次 researcher_resolver_name
伊藤, 邦彦 researcher_resolver_name
加藤, 千豊 researcher_resolver_name
古山, 将康 researcher_resolver_name
太田, 俊治 researcher_resolver_name
二宮, 敬宇 researcher_resolver_name
松澤, 克治 researcher_resolver_name
藤島, 淑子 researcher_resolver_name
石田, 昭太郎 researcher_resolver_name
岡井, いくよ researcher_resolver_name
早川, ちさ researcher_resolver_name
後藤, 亨 researcher_resolver_name
Author's alias: Kondo, Atsuo
Shimosuga, Yoichi
Oguchi, Hidenori
Shibata, Kanemitsu
Kurauchi, Osamu
Ichiko, Satoshi
Inoue, Hiromi
Tada, Katsuhiko
Yamada, Manshou
Kaseki, Nariaki
Narita, Osamu
Kusanishi, Hiroshi
Yamada, Yoshitaka
Yamamoto, Shin-Ichi
Ooura, Kuniaki
Takemura, Masahiko
Watanabe, Takanori
Ishihara, Osamu
Takeda, Akihiro
Watanabe, Junichiro
Wakita, Katsuji
Itoh, Kunihiko
Katoh, Sentoyo
Koyama, Masayasu
Oota, Shunji
Ninomiya, Keiu
Matsuzawa, Katsuji
Hujishima, Yoshiko
Ishida, Shoutarou
Okai, Ikuyo
Hayakawa, Chisa
Gotoh, Tohru
Keywords: Folic acid
Neural tube defects
Issue Date: Aug-2008
Publisher: 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 54
Issue: 8
Start page: 537
End page: 542
Abstract: 2006年に実施した妊婦を対象とする葉酸認知率と, サプリメント摂取率の調査, 食事記録票の分析データを報告した。1251通のアンケート調査を分析した結果, 1)葉酸サプリメントが二分脊椎症を防止することを認識していたのは35%で, 高学歴群と高年齢群はそれぞれの対照群と比較してより多くがこの情報を承知していた。2)情報の入手源はマスメディアまたはインターネットと回答しており, 医療職からとの回答は13%であった。3)葉酸サプリメントの摂取率は認知率よりやや低かったが, アンケートに触発されて17%の妊婦が前向きの回答をしていた。4)86枚の食事記録票の分析では, 妊婦が摂取している葉酸は平均341μg/日で, 厚生労働省が推奨・期待する400μg/日には約60μg/日不足しており, 妊娠期別では妊娠前期が最も低値を示していた。尚, 400μg/日を満す妊婦は18%で, その中の4人はサプリメントも内服していた。不足していた82%のうち, 34%は葉酸サプリメントを内服していた。
Folic acid plays an important role in proliferating cells and tissues of the fetus. A randomized control trial demonstrated in 1991 that 4 mg of folic acid supplements successfully prevented 72% of recurrence of neural tube defects (NTDs) in women who had had afflicted pregnancy. In 2000, the Japanese Government recommended women of childbearing age to take 400 microgram of folate supplements per day from 4 weeks prior to and 12 weeks after conception. A questionnaire study was performed in pregnant women by post on their awareness of the role folic acid plays, their life style, and folate intake by dietary consumption. Thirty-five percent of 1,251 pregnant women were aware of the important role of folic acid in the critical stage of fetal development and 31% actually took the supplement. Information on folic acid was obtained through mass media in 47% of the women, through the internet in 17%, through healthcare providers in 13% and so forth. The food record analysis revealed that the dietary intake of folic acid averaged 341 microg/day that was 60 microg less than what was recommended by the Government and that 33 of 86 women took the supplement. Overall, a half of pregnant women are required to take 400 microg folate supplement per day. It is to be stressed that primary prevention of NTDs by periconceptional intake of folic acid is a major public health opportunity and that prevention is more important than cure in the management of NTDs.
Rights: 許諾条件により本文は2009-09-01に公開
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/2433/71725
PubMed ID: 18788443
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