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Relationships between priming and subsequent recognition memory
  Miyoshi, Kiyofumi, Minamoto, Takehiro, Ashida, Hiroshi (2014-09-22)
  SpringerPlus, 3
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ブタウィ・エスニシティの歴史的変遷過程 -現代ジャカルタでバタヴィア先住民が示す「異質な他者」への寛容性の起源-
  中村, 昇平 (2014-06)
  ソシオロジ, 59(1): 3-19
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Brain-machine interfaces can accelerate clarification of the principal mysteries and real plasticity of the brain
  Sakurai, Yoshio (2014-05-26)
  Frontiers in systems neuroscience, 8
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Novel behavioral tasks to explore cerebellar temporal processing in milliseconds in rats
  Yamaguchi, Kenji, Sakurai, Yoshio (2014-04-15)
  Behavioural brain research, 263: 138-143
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性役割意識のコーホート分析 --若者は保守化しているか?--
  永瀬, 圭, 太郎丸, 博 (2014-02)
  ソシオロジ, 58(3): 19-33
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Volitional enhancement of firing synchrony and oscillation by neuronal operant conditioning: interaction with neurorehabilitation and brain-machine interface
  Sakurai, Yoshio, Song, Kichan, Tachibana, Shota, Takahashi, Susumu (2014-02)
  Frontiers in systems neuroscience, 8
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Priming and implicit recognition depend on similar temporal changes in perceptual representations
  Miyoshi, Kiyofumi, Ashida, Hiroshi (2014-01-28)
  Acta psychologica, 148: 6-11
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Motion influences the perception of background lightness
  Ashida, Hiroshi, Scott-Samuel, Nicholas E. (2014-01-13)
  i-Perception, 5(1): 41-49
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Oscillatory interaction between amygdala and hippocampus coordinates behavioral modulation based on reward expectation
  Terada, Satoshi, Takahashi, Susumu, Sakurai, Yoshio (2013-12-03)
  Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience, 7
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Diverse synchrony of firing reflects diverse cell-assembly coding in the prefrontal cortex
  Sakurai, Yoshio, Nakazono, Tomoaki, Ishino, Seiya, Terada, Satoshi, Yamaguchi, Kenji, Takahashi, Susumu (2013-12)
  Journal of physiology, Paris, 107(6): 459-470
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