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Dogs avoid people who behave negatively to their owner: third-party affective evaluation
  Chijiiwa, Hitomi, Kuroshima, Hika, Hori, Yusuke, Anderson, James R., Fujita, Kazuo (2015-06-18)
  Animal Behaviour, 106: 123-127
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Beauty and cuteness in peripheral vision
  Kuraguchi, Kana, Ashida, Hiroshi (2015-05-05)
  Frontiers in psychology, 6
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The impact of baby schema on perceived attractiveness, beauty, and cuteness in female adults
  Kuraguchi, Kana, Taniguchi, Kosuke, Ashida, Hiroshi (2015-04-07)
  SpringerPlus, 4
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  伊勢田, 哲治 (2014-12)
  電気学会研究会資料. FIE, 教育フロンティア研究会: 21-26
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Relationships between priming and subsequent recognition memory
  Miyoshi, Kiyofumi, Minamoto, Takehiro, Ashida, Hiroshi (2014-09-22)
  SpringerPlus, 3
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  伊勢田, 哲治 (2014-08)
  日本安全学教育研究会誌, 7: 45-48
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Serial changes of humor comprehension for four-frame comic Manga: an fMRI study
  Osaka, Mariko, Yaoi, Ken, Minamoto, Takehiro, Osaka, Naoyuki (2014-07-25)
  Scientific reports, 4
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On the crispness of ω and arithmetic with a bisimulation in a constructive naive set theory
  Yatabe, S. (2014-06-23)
  Logic Journal of IGPL, 22(3): 482-493
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ブタウィ・エスニシティの歴史的変遷過程 -現代ジャカルタでバタヴィア先住民が示す「異質な他者」への寛容性の起源-
  中村, 昇平 (2014-06)
  ソシオロジ, 59(1): 3-19
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重複語の有契性 : 言語類型論の視点から
  宮川 創 (2014-05-31)
  日本認知言語学会論文集, 14: 490-496
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