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発行: Sansai Gakurin, Kyoto University; Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies, Kyoto University
ISSN: 1349-872X
NCID: AA12013504
収録範囲: No. 1(2006) - No. 6(2012)


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   No. 6   (2012-12)  

     "The younger generation these days"
    High Moon 

     Introduction (Soil, soul and society : an address by Satish Kumar)
    Gannon, Tracey 
     p.3 -4

     Soil, soul and society
    Kumar, Satish 
     p.5 -13

     The fate of caesium-137 in a soil environment controlled by immobilization on clay minerals
    Nakao, Atsushi      Funakawa, Shinya      Tsukada, Hirofumi      Kosaki, Takashi 
     p.17 -29

     Location-specific sustainability metrics: measuring sustainability space
    Mclellan, Benjamin Craig      Dicks, Andrew      João Carlos Diniz da Costa 
     p.31 -49

     Electromagnetic fields and environmental health
    Miyakoshi, Junji 
     p.53 -60

     Introducing the Kyoto University GSGES Asia Platform
    Yoshizumi, Miki 

     No. 9 Ngo Thoi Nham Street: the evolution of a traditional garden in Hue, Vietnam
    Nguyen Ngoc Tung      Kobayashi, Hirohide      Kobayashi, Masami 
     p.65 -84

     Living with typhoon and flood disasters : a case study in Huong Phong commune, Tam Giang lagoon area, central Vietnam
    Tran Thanh Duc      Tanaka, Ueru      Kobayashi, Hirohide 
     p.85 -96

     Traditional community houses of the Co-tu ethnic group in central Vietnam
    Iizuka, Akiko 
     p.97 -114

     Nature and transmigration in Indian and Japanese Buddhism : an overview
    Kaji, Yoichi 
     p.117 -127

     Is the human race sustainable? Applying a material cycle approach to understanding the evolution and survival of our biological species
    Konishi, Satoshi 
     p.129 -141

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