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崔, 京蘭 ... [et al]. フラクタルによる自由曲面シェルのツリー型支持構造の形態創生法. 日本建築学会構造系論文集. 81. 2016. 1761-1769. Owing to recent
藤田, 慎之輔 ... [et al]. 線織面で構成されるラチスシェルの形状最適化. 日本建築学会構造系論文集. 81. 2016. 2091-2099. Recently, research and
東郷, 拓真 ... [et al]. 極低降伏点鋼LY100を用いた多段スリット入り鋼板耐震壁の開発. 日本建築学会構造系論文集. 80. 2015. 501-509. The steel slit shear
Yasuda, Hideyuki ... [et al]. Dendrite fragmentation induced by massive-like δ–γ transformation in Fe–C alloys
Liu, Heping ... [et al]. New 3-bar prismatic tensegrity units. Composite Structures. 184. 2018
Yasuda, Haruo ... [et al]. Time Evolution of Broadband Nonthermal Emission from Supernova Remnants in Different Circumstellar Environments
Watada, Ryo ... [et al]. Group theoretic approach to large-deformation property of three-dimensional bar-hinge mechanism
Ohsaki, Makoto ... [et al]. An order statistics approach to multiobjective structural optimization considering robustness and confidence of responses
Kobayashi, Yusuke ... [et al]. Direct N-Glycofunctionalization of Amides with Glycosyl Trichloroacetimidate by Thiourea/Halogen Bond Donor Co-Catalysis
Kobayashi, Yusuke ... [et al]. Photoactivated N-Acyliminoiodinanes Applied to Amination: an ortho-Methoxymethyl Group Stabilizes Reactive Precursors