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Yao, Siyuan ... [et al]. Nonsuperiority of technetium-99m-galactosyl human serum albumin scintigraphy over conventional volumetry for assessing the future liver remnant in patients undergoing hepatectomy after portal vein embolization
Coppo, Roberto ... [et al]. Distinct but interchangeable subpopulations of colorectal cancer cells with different growth fates and drug sensitivity
Kawata, Mayuko ... [et al]. Polarity switching of ovarian cancer cell clusters via SRC family kinase is involved in the peritoneal dissemination
Nishigori, Tatsuto ... [et al]. Prevalence and safety of robotic surgery for gastrointestinal malignant tumors in Japan
Matsumori, Tomoaki ... [et al]. Whole-exome sequencing for a more accurate diagnosis of intraductal papillary neoplasms of the bile duct
Sakamoto, Ryota ... [et al]. Geometric trade-off between contractile force and viscous drag determines the actomyosin-based motility of a cell-sized droplet
Ushio, Masayuki ... [et al]. An efficient early-pooling protocol for environmental DNA metabarcoding.
Harumoto, Toshiyuki ... [et al]. Perplexing dynamics of Wolbachia proteins for cytoplasmic incompatibility
Nagao, Jun ... [et al]. Numerical investigation of wall effects on combustion noise from a lean-premixed hydrogen/air low-swirl flame
Pillai, Abhishek Lakshman ... [et al]. Investigation of combustion noise generated by an open lean-premixed H₂/air low-swirl flame using the hybrid LES/APE-RF framework