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Guo, Jia ... [et al]. A spectrum-driven damage identification by minimum constitutive relation error and sparse regularization
中岡, 淳. 同性婚の憲法的保護の可能性(3)完Obergefell v. Hodges事件判決における「対等な尊厳」と「婚姻」概念をめぐって. 法学論叢. 185. 2019. 38-85
中岡, 淳. 同性婚の憲法的保護の可能性(2)Obergefell v. Hodges事件判決における「対等な尊厳」と「婚姻」概念をめぐって. 法学論叢. 183. 2018. 100-145
中岡, 淳. 同性婚の憲法的保護の可能性(1)Obergefell v. Hodges事件判決における「対等な尊厳」と「婚姻」概念をめぐって. 法学論叢. 183. 2018. 91-124
土佐, 尚子 ... [et al]. AI とアート --AI はアートの創造に使えるか--. 電気評論. 104. 2019. 23-27
曽我部, 真裕. 報道界挙げて社会と対話を -- ネット時代の被害者報道と実名報道原則. 新聞研究. 819. 2019. 16-19
Sakai, M. ... [et al]. Validation of claims data to identify death among aged persons utilizing enrollment data from health insurance unions
Kondo, Kyoichiro ... [et al]. Simultaneous Approach to Critical Fault Rupture Slip Distribution and Optimal Damper Placement for Resilient Building Design
Gülcüler Balta, Gülce S. ... [et al]. 3D Cellular Architecture Modulates Tyrosine Kinase Activity, Thereby Switching CD95-Mediated Apoptosis to Survival
Oshima, Katsuhiro. Heterogeneous Beliefs, Monetary Policy, and Stock Price Volatility. KIER Discussion