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Shida, Haruka ... [et al]. Laypersons’ Psychological Barriers Against Rescue Actions in Emergency Situations --A Questionnaire Survey--
Kurimoto, Makoto ... [et al]. Dissecting aneurysm of the proper hepatic artery after laparoscopic hepatectomy possibly related to the Pringle maneuver: A case report
Hirai, Kotaro ... [et al]. Pyoderma gangrenosum after breast cancer resection: A less-invasive and early treatment using the skin around ulcers
Masui, Toshihiko ... [et al]. Impact of neoadjuvant intensity-modulated radiation therapy on borderline resectable pancreatic cancer with arterial abutment; a prospective, open-label, phase II study in a single institution
Noda, Kazuo ... [et al]. Clinical utility of silk-elastin sponge in patients with chronic and acute skin ulcers: study protocol of a multi-center clinical trial
Sakamoto, Akio ... [et al]. Preserving the posterior cortex of the sternum during resection of a superficial anterior chest wall sarcoma
Tsuge, Itaru ... [et al]. A Novel Real-time Navigation System for Lymphaticovenular Anastomosis Using Projection Mapping with Indocyanine Green Fluorescence
Fukuyama, Keita ... [et al]. Gene expression profiles of liver cancer cell lines reveal two hepatocyte-like and fibroblast-like clusters
Shimoaka, Takafumi. Chemometric analysis of mixtures in molecular aggregated systems. Analytical Sciences
Mai, Cong Hung ... [et al]. Investigation of Art Abstraction Using AI and Psychological Experiment. Culture