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谷川, 穣. (書評)高橋陽一『共通教化と教育勅語』を読んで. 日本教育史研究. 39. 2020. 37-45
三野, 和惠. 林茂生「基督教文明史観」(1932-3)を読む. 教育史フォーラム. 10. 2015. 65-84. 本稿は、日本植民地支配下台湾の知識人である林茂生(1887-1947)の白話字論考「
Yamaoka, Yousuke ... [et al]. Total Synthesis of (-)-Sigillin A: A Polychlorinated and Polyoxygenated Natural Product
Luchetti, Alessandro ... [et al]. Two Functionally Distinct Serotonergic Projections into Hippocampus.
Smet, F. Philippe ... [et al]. Feature issue introduction: Persistent and photostimulable phosphors - an established research field with clear challenges ahead
Asami, Kazuki ... [et al]. Flicker Suppression of AC Driven White LED by Yellow Persistent Phosphor of Ce³⁺-Cr³⁺ Co-doped Garnet
Saito, Masahiko ... [et al]. π-Conjugated polymers and molecules enabling small photon energy loss simultaneously with high efficiency in organic photovoltaics
Takahashi, Tomoyuki ... [et al]. Molecular phylogenetic position of Minamitalitrus zoltani elucidates a further troglobisation pattern in cave-dwelling terrestrial amphipods (Crustacea: Talitridae)
Suriyasak, Chetphilin ... [et al]. Mechanism of delayed seed germination caused by high temperature during grain filling in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Abdul Aziz, Mohd Zaidan ... [et al]. Controlling the concentration gradient in sequentially deposited bilayer organic solar cells via rubbing and annealing
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