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岩谷, 彩子. 表面的音楽 : ルーマニアのマネレがつなぐ世界. Arts/ : 民族藝術学会誌. 37. 2021. 26-37. ポスト共産主義期のルーマニアで広まったマネレは、刹那的で中身のない表面
山田, 真澄. 2016年熊本地震で益城町に現れた震災の島とその生成要因の考察. 日本地震工学会論文集. 17. 2017. 38-47. 本研究では,2016年熊本地震における益城町の秋津川沿いの倒壊建
Martinet, Lison ... [et al]. New indices to characterize drawing behavior in humans (Homo sapiens) and chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes)
Gruber, Thibaud ... [et al]. Spontaneous categorization of tools based on observation in children and chimpanzees
Nakamura, Tomomi ... [et al]. Tree hazards compounded by successive climate extremes after masting in a small endemic tree, Distylium lepidotum , on subtropical islands in Japan
Ishida, Atsushi ... [et al]. Evolutionary loss of thermal acclimation accompanied by periodic monocarpic mass flowering in Strobilanthes flexicaulis
Kinoshita, Masataka ... [et al]. Geometrical dependence on the stress and slip tendency acting on the subduction megathrust of Nankai seismogenic zone off Kumano
Satou, Yutaka ... [et al]. Chromosomal Inversion Polymorphisms in Two Sympatric Ascidian Lineages. Genome
Hori, Yoshie ... [et al]. Synergistic and Offset Effects of Fungal Species Combinations on Plant Performance
HIRAI, Takeshi ... [et al]. Introductory Lectures on Group Representations. JSPS-DOST Lecture Notes in