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Effect of drying conditions on mesoporosity of carbon precursors prepared by sol-gel polycondensation and freeze drying
  Yamamoto, T, Nishimura, T, Suzuki, T, Tamon, H (2001)
  CARBON, 39(15): 2374-2376
Influence of freeze-drying conditions on the mesoporosity of organic gels as carbon precursors
  Tamon, H, Ishizaka, H, Yamamoto, T, Suzuki, T (2000)
  CARBON, 38(7): 1099-1105
Gas adsorption on activated carbons from PET mixtures with a metal salt
  Nakagawa, K, Mukai, SR, Suzuki, T, Tamon, H (2003)
  CARBON, 41(4): 823-831
Preparation and characterization of carbon cryogel microspheres
  Yamamoto, T, Sugimoto, T, Suzuki, T, Mukai, SR, Tamon, H (2002)
  CARBON, 40(8): 1345-1351
Activated carbon from municipal waste
  Nagano, S, Tamon, H, Adzumi, T, Nakagawa, K, Suzuki, T (2000)
  CARBON, 38(6): 915-920
Preparation and characterization of activated carbons from refuse derived fuel (RDF)
  Nakagawa, K, Tamon, H, Suzuki, T, Nagano, S (2002)