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Title: 本邦女子尿道細菌叢の研究  (第I編)尿道分劃採取法
Other Titles: A Studies on Bacterial Flora of Japanese Female Urethra   (Part I) Method of Swab Isolation from Appointed Part on Female Urethra
Authors: 西蔭, 雄二  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: NISHIKAGE, Yuzi
Issue Date: Apr-1960
Publisher: 京都大学医学部泌尿器科教室
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 6
Issue: 4
Start page: 245
End page: 250
Abstract: The present paper is the first work in a series of studies on bacterial f l o ra of female urethra, and gives some remarks and devices on the method for isolating of bacteria from an appointed part on female urethra under special procedures by which the internal part of urethra was prevented from invasion of microorganisms of urethral orifice. 1) The respective internal part of 1.0c m, 1.5c m, 2.0c m and 3.0c m in the distance from the external urethral orifice were cleaned with 1% cresol solution and then the following instruments were inserted up to the depth of the respective cleaned part as below mentioned 7 kinds of procedure (1) Frankel's Conchoscope, (2) Glass tube (a size of Chariere No. 20), (3) Otoscope (a morning-glory like shape) or (4) Urethroscope, the tip of which is cut off, were respectively inserted into urethra to prevent the cleaned urethra from its surrounding contamination. Then, bacterial flora was isolated from the respective part on urethra by means of the sterilized swab method, which was followed by direct smearing of the bacteria upon a medium. Besides, by using (5) Otoscope or (6) Urethroscope (each of same to the above mentioned), bacterial flora in urethra was printed on a gum-strip which is made of condom in a narrow girdle. In the method (7), urethral bacteria were adhered on a Glass-tube of 1 mm in diameter and 4 cm in length by making the tube touched on the wall of urethra through the lateral hole of Urethroscope. 2) In 170n ormal female human subjects, bacterial flora was iso l a ted from appointed parts on the urethra by means of the above respective ' kinds of isolating method, and, as the control, the bacterial flora was also collected under conditions without cleaning of the urethra. The respective bacterial flora was subjected to the experiments of aerobic cultivation. 3) B e ing based on the results of the culture of bacterial flora which was isolated from an appointed part on urethra by means of the above 7 kinds of sterilization method as well as the control method, comparative studies were undertaken to determine the superiority or inferiority among the all 8 kinds of procedure mentioned above. It was suggested that the simple procedures with the least contamination are the method (3) so far as the isolation of flora is made from an inner part of 2.5 cm in the distance from he external urethral orifice, and also method (4) so far, as the isolation is made from the further internal part of urethra. Satisfactory results were obtained in pure cultivation in case that both method, (3) and (4), were used conjunctively with each other.
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