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dc.contributor.author古野, 干城ja
dc.contributor.author栗林, 忠央ja
dc.contributor.author飯田, 収ja
dc.contributor.alternativeFURUNO, Tatekien
dc.contributor.alternativeKURIBAYASHI, Tadashien
dc.contributor.alternativeIIDA, Osamuen
dc.description.abstractThe patient aged 19, woman. Chief complaints Ge n eral tiredness and dull lumber pain. Family medical history : Not discriptive. Previous medical history Stru m ectomy. History of the present ailme n t : The patient has been complained to dull pain at the lumbar region since about one year. But the symptom was not increased. Recently she was discovered a large tumor in the region of the right kidney and entered our clinic on September 26, 1960. Present s tatus : Cystoscopically content was over 200cc, the mucous membrane was generally reddish and hyperemic, the posterior region of the bladder wall was trabeculated. The excretion of the indigocarmin was negative for about ten minutes a fter injection in the right side, while that was first seen about ten minutes after in the left side. The pyelogram on the left side was essentially mormal. That on the right suggested a renal tumor. The lower border of the right kidney was indistinct and appeared to be at the level of the fourth lumbar vertebra. The kidney appeared to be markedly enlarged. Its outline was smooth and regular. The pelvis w as not filled. The calyx was enlarged. A right nephrectomy was done. The pathologic examination showed the follo w ing : The kidney weighed 350 gm. and measured 17.0 by 6.5 by 5.5 cm. The tumor extend e d, cordlike, into the lower end of the ureter for about 7.5 cm. in length, with the diameter of this area 2 cm. Microscopically the tumor consisted of pure fat . The authors find out only four cases of pure lipoma among t h e medical reports in Japan, and it is supposed that this is a very rare disease.en
dc.publisher.alternativeDepartment of Urology, Faculty of Medicine, Kyoto Univeersityen
dc.title.alternativeA Case of Renal Lipomaen
dc.typedepartmental bulletin paper-
dc.type.niitypeDepartmental Bulletin Paper-
dc.address.alternativethe Department of Urology, Kurume University School of Medicineen
dc.address.alternativethe Department of Urology, Kurume University School of Medicineen
dc.address.alternativethe Department of Urology, Kurume University School of Medicineen
dcterms.accessRightsopen access-
dc.identifier.jtitle-alternativeActa urologica Japonicala
dc.identifier.jtitle-alternativeHinyokika Kiyoen
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