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Title: 京都府下男性尿道炎の推移
Other Titles: Epidemiological survey of sexually transmitted male urethritis in Kyoto Prefecture
Authors: 吉村, 耕治  KAKEN_name
山本, 新吾  KAKEN_name
河内, 明宏  KAKEN_name
伊東, 三喜雄  KAKEN_name
中川, 修一  KAKEN_name
堀井, 泰樹  KAKEN_name
東, 義人  KAKEN_name
岡村, 康彦  KAKEN_name
山添, 善博  KAKEN_name
任, 書楷  KAKEN_name
井上, 進  KAKEN_name
木原, 裕次  KAKEN_name
野々村, 光生  KAKEN_name
飛田, 収一  KAKEN_name
奥野, 博  KAKEN_name
岡所, 明良  KAKEN_name
鴨井, 和実  KAKEN_name
前川, 幹雄  KAKEN_name
北森, 伴人  KAKEN_name
青木, 正  KAKEN_name
賀本, 敏行  KAKEN_name
中尾, 昌弘  KAKEN_name
小川, 修  kyouindb  KAKEN_id
三木, 恒治  KAKEN_name
大江, 宏  KAKEN_name
村谷, 哲郎  KAKEN_name
松本, 哲朗  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Yoshimura, Koji
Yamamoto, Shingo
Kawauchi, Akihiro
Ito, Mikio
Nakagawa, Shuichi
Horii, Yasuki
Higashi, Yoshihito
Okamura, Yasuhiko
Yamazoe, Yoshihiro
Nin, Fuminori
Inoue, Susumu
Kihara, Yuji
Nonomura, Mitsuo
Hida, Shuichi
Okuno, Hiroshi
Okasho, Akira
Kamoi, Kazumi
Maekawa, Mikio
Kitamori, Tomohito
Aoki, Tadashi
Kamoto, Toshiyuki
Nakao, Masahiro
Ogawa, Osamu
Miki, Tsuneharu
Ohe, Hiroshi
Muratani, Tetsuro
Matsumoto, Tetsuro
Keywords: Adolescent
Chlamydia Infections/drug therapy/epidemiology
Chlamydia trachomatis/isolation & purification
Gonorrhea/drug therapy/epidemiology
Middle Aged
Neisseria gonorrhoeae/isolation & purification
Sexual Partners
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Bacterial/drug therapy/epidemiology
Urethritis/drug therapy/epidemiology
Issue Date: Apr-2006
Publisher: 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 52
Issue: 4
Start page: 265
End page: 270
Abstract: 京都府下における男性尿道炎の特徴と問題点を考察するために,男性性感染症(STD)発生状況を調査した.2004年1~12月に,24施設で1275名が男性尿道炎と診断された.原因微生物検査では,淋菌性368例(30%),クラミジア性336例(27%),淋菌・クラミジア混合感染85例(7%),非淋菌・非クラミジア性453例(36%)を示した.年齢別では20歳代579例(45%)が最多で,30歳代393例(31%)が続いた.感染源は10歳代の65%が「素人」(非性産業従事者)であった.クラミジア感染は,10歳代感染者の47%,素人からの感染者の42%を占めた.淋菌性尿道炎103例(38%),クラミジア性尿道炎159例(53%)の初回治療薬はキノロン系であった.京都府下の10歳代は,男女ともSTD感染の蔓延が示唆され,若年層における性生活の問題点を反映していると思われた.又,キノロン剤への耐性は急激に進行しており,日本感染症学会や日本医師会のガイドラインで推奨されているセフィキシムなどの投与が望まれた
The data of sexually transmitted urethritis in males have been collected at 24 institutes in Kyoto Prefecture since October, 2002. The data collected from January to December in 2004 are summarized herein. A total of 1,275 patients were diagnosed with urethritis during this period. Microbiological examinations isolated Neisseria gonorrhoeae alone in 368 (29%), Chlamydia tracomatis alone in 336 (26%), both in 85 (7%), and others in 453 (36%). Male patients under 20 years old tended to have Chlamydial urethritis, alone or combined with gonococcal infection, and had a predominant infectious source, a non-commercial-sexual-worker female partner, suggesting a profound problem in sexual life of adolescents. The urologist preferred to use quinolones as the first therapeutic modality against male urethritis. However, drug resistance of N. gonorrhoeae, especially against quinolones, has rapidly progressed, which was also observed by a sensitivity examination test. Antibiotics should be used adequately against male urethrits according to the recent guidelines.
PubMed ID: 16686353
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