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Title: 膀胱癌に対する膀胱全摘症例の臨床病理学的検討
Other Titles: A clinicopathological study on patients with bladder cancer treated with cystectomy
Authors: 山下, 修史  KAKEN_name
谷口, 啓輔  KAKEN_name
鈴, 博司  KAKEN_name
湯下, 芳明  KAKEN_name
桜木, 勉  KAKEN_name
金武, 洋  KAKEN_name
進藤, 和彦  KAKEN_name
斉藤, 泰  KAKEN_name
堀, 建夫  KAKEN_name
田崎, 亨  KAKEN_name
小川, 繁晴  KAKEN_name
岩崎, 昌太郎  KAKEN_name
由良, 守司  KAKEN_name
草場, 泰之  KAKEN_name
今村, 厚志  KAKEN_name
原, 種利  KAKEN_name
酒井, 英樹  KAKEN_name
計屋, 紘信  KAKEN_name
山田, 潤  KAKEN_name
松尾, 喜文  KAKEN_name
松尾, 良一  KAKEN_name
垣本, 滋  KAKEN_name
神田, 滋  KAKEN_name
林, 幹男  KAKEN_name
森下, 直由  KAKEN_name
高野, 真彦  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Yamashita, Shuji
Taniguchi, Keisuke
Suzu, Hiroshi
Yushita, Yoshiaki
Sakuragi, Tsutomu
Kanetake, Hiroshi
Shindo, Kazuhiko
Saito, Yutaka
Hori, Tateo
Tasaki, Thoru
Ogawa, Shigeharu
Iwasaki, Shyotaro
Yura, Morishi
Kusaba, Yasuyuki
Imamura, Atsushi
Hara, Tanetoshi
Sakai, Hideki
Hakariya, Hironobu
Yamada, Jun
Matsuo, Yoshihumi
Matsuo, Ryoichi
Kakimoto, Shigeru
Kanda, Shigeru
Hayashi, Mikio
Morishita, Naoyoshi
Takano, Masahiko
Keywords: Bladder cancer
Clinicopathological study
Issue Date: Oct-1990
Publisher: 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 36
Issue: 10
Start page: 1149
End page: 1154
Abstract: 1982年より5年間に,膀胱癌に対する膀胱全摘出が170例に施行され,その摘出標本の病理学的検討を行い,各因子別の予後を検討した.組織学的異型度,深達度,浸潤増殖様式,壁内リンパ管侵襲,壁内静脈侵襲は相互に密接に関連した.病理学的深達度および異型度別実測5年生存率は,pT3a以上およびG3が有意に予後不良であった.浸潤増殖様式別の累積5年生存率はINFβとINFαが有意に予後不良であった.脈管侵襲別の累積5年生存率は,壁内リンパ管侵襲2度と静脈侵襲陽性が有意に予後不良であった.これらの因子を総合的に分析することによって,正確な悪性度を知ることが可能であり,術後の治療方針決定に有用であった
A clinical and histopathological investigation was made on 170 patients with bladder cancer who underwent total cystectomy at our institutions between 1982 and 1986. The overall 5-year survival rates of patients with pTis + pTa, pT1, pT2, pT3, pT3b and pT4 were 100, 71.8, 60.7, 39.2, 31.4 and 0% respectively, those of patients with G1, G2 and G3 were 100%, 67.6%, 35.7% respectively. As for histopathological growth and spread pattern (INF), intramural lymphatic invasion (ly) and venous invasion (v), INF beta, INF gamma, ly2, v (+) showed the worst prognosis. These histopathological factors were considered to be closely correlated to each other. Studies on these histopathological factors are very important in planning the subsequent therapy.
PubMed ID: 2264543
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