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Title: 治癒切除腎細胞癌症例に対するインターフェロン療法の臨床的検討
Other Titles: Clinical study of prophylactic therapy of interferon on postoperative renal cell carcinoma
Authors: 安本, 亮二  KAKEN_name
浅川, 正純  KAKEN_name
前川, たかし  KAKEN_name
和田, 誠次  KAKEN_name
岸本, 武利  KAKEN_name
前川, 正信  KAKEN_name
川喜多, 順二  KAKEN_name
堀井, 明範  KAKEN_name
早原, 信行  KAKEN_name
森川, 洋二  KAKEN_name
梅田, 優  KAKEN_name
山本, 啓介  KAKEN_name
西尾, 正一  KAKEN_name
柏原, 昇  KAKEN_name
西島, 高明  KAKEN_name
杉本, 俊門  KAKEN_name
辻田, 正昭  KAKEN_name
千住, 将明  KAKEN_name
江崎, 和芳  KAKEN_name
山口, 哲男  KAKEN_name
川村, 正喜  KAKEN_name
田中, 寛  KAKEN_name
入谷, 純光  KAKEN_name
小早川, 等  KAKEN_name
Author's alias: Yasumoto, Ryoji
Asakawa, Masazumi
Maekawa, Takashi
Wada, Seiji
Kishimoto, Taketoshi
Maekawa, Masanobu
Kawakita, Junji
Horii, Akinori
Hayahara, Nobuyuki
Morikawa, Yoji
Umeda, Masaru
Yamamoto, Keisuke
Nishino, Shoichi
Kashihara, Noboru
Nishijima, Takaaki
Sugimoto, Toshikado
Tsujita, Masaaki
Senju, Masaaki
Ezaki, Kazuyoshi
Yamaguchi, Tetsuo
Kawamura, Masaki
Tanaka, Hiroshi
Iritani, Yoshiteru
Kobayakawa, Hitoshi
Keywords: IFNa-2b
Prophylactic therapy
Renal cell carcinoma
Issue Date: Mar-1992
Publisher: 泌尿器科紀要刊行会
Journal title: 泌尿器科紀要
Volume: 38
Issue: 3
Start page: 267
End page: 275
Abstract: 腎細胞癌の治癒的切除術施行例44例を対象にrIFNα-2b投与に関する臨床的検討を行った.1) 44例のstage分類(Robson)は1が29例,2が15例であった.2)適格例42例中,再発が認められた症例は5例であり,うち2例が死亡している.再発から死亡までの期間は2ヵ月と6ヵ月であった.3)適格例の42例中,死亡例は3例であり,累積生存率は1年生存率97.6%,2年生存率89.7%であった.4) IFN初期治療終了後のIFNαおよびIFNγ産生能は前者においてすべて低下(4/4)し,後者においては3例が上昇(3/4),1例が正常値を示した.5) 2-5AS活性は評価できた4症例において,いずれもrIFNα-2b投与により上昇が認められた.6)副作用を認めたものは24例であり,発熱が22例と最も多く,その他に白血球数減少,肝機能障害などを認めたが,多くは投与継続が可能であり副作用による中止例は5例であった.7)抗rIFNα-2b抗体について22例で継続的に測定したが,いずれも測定限界値未満であった
A clinical trial using interferon alpha 2b (IFN alpha-2b) for prophylactic therapy was done on 44 patients who had received nephrectomy for renal cell carcinoma. Principally, the daily intramuscular injection of 3 of 6 million units of IFN alpha-2b was done for 4 consecutive weeks after 2 weeks postoperatively and thereafter followed by injection once every 2 weeks. The clinical evaluation was done for the recurrence rate, the survival rate, the IFN alpha and IFN gamma producing ability, the activity of 2',5' oligoadenylate synthetase (2-5AS) and the side effect. Out of 44 cases entered, 42 were completely evaluable and recurrence was observed in 5 (11.9%) of the 42 cases. The recurrence rate was 5.5% and 16.4%, at the first and second year, respectively. Three (7.1%) of the 42 patients died. The survival rate was 97.6% at the first year, 89.7% at the second year for the followup study. The IFN alpha producing capacity was low in all of the 4 evaluable cases. The IFN gamma producing capacity was high in 3 cases and normal in 1 case. 2-5AS, the enzyme produced by IFN, was activated by IFN alpha-2b administration in all of the 4 evaluable cases. Side effects were observed in 24 (54.5%) of the 44 cases. The main side effect was fever. Leucopenia, general fatigue, appetite loss, temporary elevation of liver transaminase were also observed. However, there were only 5 cases (11.4%) in which administration of IFN alpha-2b had to be discontinued.
PubMed ID: 1523980
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